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Project Wallet Updates $KNDX

Wallet Allocation Updates

Inpreparation for upcoming development the project wallets have been finalized for the next phase of operations. View Kondux wallets here on Etherscan. As the team establishes the tokenomics for the upcoming kNFT collection and builds the foundation of the overall ecosystem for $KNDX, the changes were implemented to best serve the budgetary needs of each segment. The breakdown of allocation is as follows:

Treasury: 25% = 2,500,000,000,000

Group funds for liquidity and future developments. 1 year lock.

Development: 19.9445% = 1,994,449,863,230.251637085 (½ Development Fund in Treasury) 1 year lock.

Development funds for the project team.

Rewards & Exchange: 15% = 1,500,000,000,000 3 month lock (⅔ R&E Fund in Treasury) 90 day lock on Exchange.

Staking, vaulting and exchange funds for tokenomic resources and exchange liquidity.

Marketing: 4.9777% = 497,773,209,087

Promotional funds, paid marketing campaigns & partnerships.

Total Project Held: = 6,492,223,072,317

Total Burned: = 501,706,033,687

Token burn to reduce the overall supply and to strengthen the value of $KNDX.

Total Project Held + Burn: = 6,993,929,106,004

In Circulation: = 3,006,070,893,996

Amount of total tokens held.

Team Tokens

A portion of the team tokens have been distributed to the project members.

CoinGecko & Coin Market Cap Profiles Update

Coin Market Cap Coin Gecko

Wehave submitted a request to update our profile on CoinGecko. The project scope has grown significantly since we first rebranded and filed our listing profile. Be sure to visit our listing and rate it on how you are feeling about the project!

We submitted our project for listing on CoinMarketCap this past week, the timing for when the listing gets approved is unknown at this time. Once approved we will make the announcement. Tags will be assigned based upon the merits they deem have been met by their requirements. The profile will be updated when the project has met any of the needed conditions for the metaverse and nft tags.

Be sure to join our Discord for the latest updates, news and community action related to the project!

If you have any comments or questions please make them here on Medium, it will help the team greatly to keep the conversation threaded on this platform. Thanks!

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