All new 2022 Tokenomix & $KNDX Liquidity Re-locking

Table of Contents

$KNDX Tokenomix Update

$KNDX Tokenomix

Tokenomix Development

Structuring our tokenomix system is a top priority. Our smart contract Solidity Developer is working with senior advisors finalizing the coding and staking contracts for the upcoming Disclosure kNFT Collection and $KNDX token. Many factors and models are being examined as we design the $KNDX ecosystem. Establishing a healthy and balanced economic network for our 3D NFT Marketplace dApp, kNFTs and Design Lab services, is a larger scope than the average tokenomic system! We are working very hard to accomplish all the goals we have set forth and have been engaged in lengthy meetings with outside consultants to ensure the success of the project is secure. We will be releasing the information as soon as it’s completed.

Liquidity Re-locking

Liquidity for our contract is re-locked for one year. We have been continuously examining the next steps or our forthcoming roadmap initiatives, and after a thorough analysis of the project we have chose re-lock 70% of liquidity and purpose the remainder for facilitating the project goals. These changes will benefit the project, and better fit the business structure we aim to implement with Kondux. We are not selling $KNDX as to not dilute the token value. When liquidity is unwrapped the tokens will be sent to the burn wallet. To best respond to the needs of the ecosystem the remaining 30% will be used for the following initiatives:

  1. Completion of POC Omniverse server cluster
  2. Liquidity for staking vaults in the $KNDX ecosystem
  3. Retention of developers and contractors

TXN ID of lock: 0x45d46abe559827d96cd45aab67ef9e74da61243a2e308859bdb2f479a9c950a4

Vault contract address: 0xE2fE530C047f2d85298b07D9333C05737f1435fB

Wallet Allocation Revision

We are changing the structure of our wallets. To fulfill the next phases of development we are shifting a total of 12% of token allocation from our Partnership & Exchange wallets to the Developer and Marketing wallets. This change will allow the total treasury to be handled with a simpler system to move funds to the departments that need liquidity more easily.

Marketing & Roadmap Q3 & 4 2022

We are currently aligning the development teams to build out the next phase of our Roadmap. As our contracts and reward systems are finalized, a supporting Whitepaper will be published containing all the details. Both updates will be on our website once complete, and an announcement will be made. Information is a major part of the formula for successful marketing and product launch. As soon as these things are completed, marketing efforts, onboarding influencers and creating new wallet holders will be much more effective. Information is key. We understand this, and are working hard to work it into a clear, presentable fashion.

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to make, please respond below!