Annunaki: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Table of Contents

The Order of Annunaki

A highly evolved and extremely advanced technological species, the Annunaki are worshiped as “World Builders”. Responsible for thousands of ancient civilizations, they are revered as Gods across the galaxy by thousands of planetary cultures. Operating on pure logic, their emotions are deeply masked and often take actions that defy human understanding. Known by many as the Annu, they have mingled with developing civilizations during the early stages of societal evolution. In the infancy of human existence they served as the guiding force for human growth. Assisting the establishment of the Babylonian, Mesopotamian and Egyptian empires, they have shaped how our planet has evolved throughout time.

As a bystander one would wonder why they allow for war and conflict across the various planes of the universe. Their immense wisdom guides them to not interfere with the disputes unless… the harmony of the galactic economy could be affected. Only when the most precious resource is threatened, Monotomic Gold, do they intervene. Powering the Annu’s technology, the order has genetically engineered many species across the galaxy to serve the needs of the order.

By Removing the animalistic behavior tendencies of humans, they alter the DNA code and instill the intelligence to conduct themselves with grace and compassion for life. However this gift comes with a trade-off, the instinct to mine for gold is also implanted. Humans have been genetically modified from apes to serve this exact purpose for millennia.   

The Singularity

On the galactic stage the Annunaki would be seen by humanity as a central government. Due to the recent shifts in galactic political power , the Anunnaki have vowed to forgo the harvesting of Humanity. By harnessing zero point and nuclear energy, and by reaching further into space travel, humans became increasingly intelligent and advanced beyond expectations. And the recent ability to see into the further reaches of the cosmos utilizing the James Webb Telescope has prompted the Annunaki to allow humanity into the status of orders that are left to develop and flourish on their own.

To reach the next plane of existence on the universe’s stage, humans must end the irresponsible use of atomic warfare. Our civilization will not yet be brought into the highest collective of orders that rule the galaxy. We are to be observed for the foreseeable future until it is determined that we can overcome our warlike nature. However, the recent advances in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence has now prompted Annu to see that humanity may soon be able to tap into the galactic communication hubs. Action must be taken. The time for earth to once again be overseen by the mighty knowledge and abilities of the Annunaki order is now. 

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