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$KNDX OG Whitelist Benefits

OG Whitelist Kondux Holder Rewards

OG $KNDX holders will be awarded one FREE kNFT mint package from the 3D kNFT Disclosure Collection. This package includes the DNA data for one ERC-721 3D avatar and up to four ERC-1155 traits or accessories. Viewable in our breakthrough 3D NFT Viewport in our upcoming 3D NFT Marketplace dApp, you will be part of the first generation of revolutionary kNFT holders! 

If you met the requirements for Kondux holders and were registered on our Discord server, your kNFT DNA minting package link will be sent to you in a direct message on Discord. Gas fees will apply for the asset mint and final unboxing.


We are all very excited as we approach the final stretch of development tasks! As more details become finalized for the minting process we will make the announcements on our blog.

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