Kondux Litepaper 2024

Table of Contents


1.1 Intent Of This Paper


This litepaper presents an in-depth look at Kondux, a pioneering blockchain-based Web3 virtual design lab. Our goal is to unveil the transformative potential of Kondux’s Web3 SaaS technology, showcasing how our blockchain solutions can revolutionize past, current, and future business domains. Focused on providing a clear overview, this lite paper introduces you to the breadth of products and services in the Kondux ecosystem, without delving into proprietary technical details. As a living document, this lite paper will be regularly updated to reflect the latest advancements and offerings in the Kondux ecosystem.


1.2 Executive Summary

Our mission is to create cutting-edge, AI integrated SaaS solutions that redefine creative possibilities in gaming, art, music, and beyond. At Kondux, we’re pioneering a revolution in user experience, introducing a platform that opens new realms of digital exploration and engagement. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI, Kondux enables unparalleled customization of 3D avatars, enriching gaming and metaverse interactions.


1.3 Roadmap

Phase 1. Initial Setup & Minting

kNFT Bundle Composition: When minted, each kNFT bundle will contain:

  • 1 Avatar kNFT
  • 1 Item kNFT (weapon or accessory)
  • 1 Armor kNFT
  • 1 Persona kNFT (Photon & Staking Boost)
  • A.I. Interaction: Launch of the A.I. Portal for kNFT communication.
  • Memory Customization: Introduction of the Memory reviewer for Persona kNFT memory tailoring.


Phase 2. 3D Viewport Implementation

  • Viewport Development: Final development and implementation of the 3D viewport into the platform.
  • User Interaction: Features to allow users to view and interact with their kNFTs in a 3D environment.


Phase 3. Kondux AI Enhancements

  • AI Backbone: Final development and integration of the Custom Kondux A.I. LLM Backbone. 
  • Memory Enhancement: Integration of the Kondux Summarizer Backbone for improved kNFT memory recall.


Phase 4. Public Access Integration

  • API Release: Public availability of the backend Persona API with comprehensive developer documentation.
  • Image Customization: Feature to modify the Persona kNFTs image using different generative algorithms without data loss.
  • Collaborative Projects: Support for B2B and P2P projects to create custom kNFT collections.


Phase 5. Kondux Marketplace, Renting & Helix Utility

  • Marketplace Setup: Development and launch of the Kondux Marketplace platform.
  • Listing & Trading: Features to list, buy, sell, and trade all types of kNFTs (Avatar, Item, Armor, Persona).
  • Renting kNFTs: Introduction of a system to rent out kNFTs to other users.
  • Helix Token Utility:
  • Modify various aspects of all kNFTs.
  • Purchase designated consumable or limited usage items.
  • Facilitate transactions related to kNFT modifications and enhancements.
  • User Profiles: Creation of user profiles with kNFT collections, rental histories, and transaction records.


Phase 6. Metaverse & Advanced Integrations


  • kNFT LINK: Capability to associate a persona kNFT with a fully articulated avatar kNFT.
  • NVIDIA Integration: Incorporation of NVIDIA Nemo and Riva for advanced speech and language functionalities.
  • Omniverse Features: Integration of Omniverse Audio2Face, Audio2Emotion, and Audio2Gesture for enhanced audio-visual interactions with kNFT LINK.
  • Gaming Environment Integration:
  • Unreal Engine Connector: Availability of connectors to seamlessly integrate kNFTs into Unreal Engine gaming environments.
  • Unity Connector: Availability of connectors to seamlessly integrate kNFTs into Unity gaming environments.


Read more about the roadmap on our blog here.




*We utilize the AGILE Framework, so this road map is subject to change in response to new advancement, ideas, improvements, or concerns*


*This is only a portion of what we are working on and will push updates as we confirm pipelines more-in-depth, such as further development of Kondux gaming and metaverse environments*


*Kondux is a dynamic project that adapts to new ideas and feedback, so what we share today might evolve over time. We’re excited to keep you updated as we solidify our plans, especially as we expand into gaming and virtual worlds.*


1.4 Meet The Team

In our vibrant blend of creativity and technical finesse, our team is a powerhouse of full-stack developers, programmers, and designers. We speak the language of JavaScript, C++, C, Python, PHP, Web3, React, Unreal Engine, Unity, AR/VR 

Development (PSVR & HIVE Systems), Solidity Contracts, NFT Marketplaces, and Cross-Platform SDK Integration.


Our team is actively developing cutting-edge design API pipelines that seamlessly connect creativity, AI, and blockchain technology. In the realm of Web3 experiences, we emphasize self-governance, innovation, and uniqueness, fostering customization and scalable utility. Embracing the future with AI-powered technologies we are crafting 3D assets, NFT Marketplaces, AR/VR/XR Environments, Metaverse Spaces, and Gaming Experiences that are all anchored in this principle. The technology we employ is meticulously crafted to alleviate the strain on system resources, ensuring the highest quality user experience. 


Our senior program manager, co-founder, and principal concept creator. Pappy is the maestro orchestrating our hardware initiatives, the glue that binds us together, and the compass that keeps our projects on track.


Roles: Network Administrator, Logic, R&D, Pipeline Manager, Hardware Infrastructure Design. 



A coding and design virtuoso with over two decades of experience, Anubis seamlessly transforms digital realms into art. An 

original co-founder and team leader, Anubis is a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of the technical realm.


Skills: JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, AWS, MS DOS, Kotlin, Sequencer, Embergen, PhysX, Niagara, Google Cloud, Visual Studio, Game Design, Substance Painter, Zbrush, 3DXchange Pipeline, Sandbox, VoxEdit, MagicaVoxel, Unreal Engine, and Graphic Design.


A seasoned software engineer with a decade-plus coding journey, Lynlooo is an Honors College Fellow Graduate who holds an ABET-accredited Chemical Engineering degree with minors in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Nanotechnology.  In the final year of undergrad, Lyn’s passion for computer engineering reignited, leading groundbreaking research in AI for predicting biodegradable copolymers.


Skills: Software Engineering, AI, Predictive Modeling, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Full Stack development, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Visual Studio Code, Moralis, Rest/Restful APIs, OpenUSD, NVIDIA Omniverse/NeMo/Riva, AGILE Project Management, Electrical Engineering, CAD Modeling, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Heat and mass transfer, Safety, Sustainability



Our certified full-stack wizard behind dAPP design and NFT Marketplace. With a decade of coding under his belt, C4PT4IN merges usability passion with technical knowledge, crafting cool digital experiences.


Skills: JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Redux, CSS, SASS, HTML, Python, Django, MySQL, ExpressJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Jest, AWS, Visual Studio Code, Web3.js, Ethers.JS, Moralis, Three.js, AR/VR Development, Rest APIs, Google APIs, Blender, Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Game Design, Websocket, NVIDIA Omniverse Code


Mr Blue

A lifelong artist with almost two decades of creative experience. Mr Blue is our 3D visual artist, animator, co-founder and a founding content creator of the team.


Skills: Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator, Zbrush, RealIllusion Pipeline, Ableton, Graphic Design, Texture Modeling, Unreal Engine Pipeline, Character Design, Animation



A developer with a master’s in Blockchain and digital currencies. Marco’s expertise extends from smart contracts for Ethereum to implementing layer-2 solutions and optimizing multi-signature transactions for the Lightning Network.


Skills: Solidity, JavaScript, TypeScript, R, Java, Rust, GraphQL, Truffle, Express.js, Web3.js, Chai, Liquid, Binance API, React, Node.js, Python, Agile, PHP, Node.js, AI, DevOps, AWS, CI/CD Pipelines, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Roman K

A graphic designer and front-end UI developer for over 14 years, Roman K is also a video game tester and a multi-talented 

marketer known for his solid opinions.


Skills: SASS, React, Adobe Suite, Graphic Design, WordPress, Game Testing



Our digital marketing evangelist, Short-wave loves turning marketing data insights into actionable strategy campaigns with boundless enthusiasm and a dash of caffeine.


Skills: Copywriting, SEO, Digital Marketing, Adobe Creative Suite



2.1 $KNDX Token                    

The $KNDX token plays a vital role in fueling Kondux’s ecosystem, with transaction taxes strategically allocated to fund development, marketing, and reward pools. With a fixed supply of 1 billion, the $KNDX token is designed for scarcity and value retention.


The $KNDX token is readily tradable on Uniswap, offering easy access for users and investors alike. Featuring an adjustable tax rate ranging from 0-5%. Each buy-and-sell transaction currently incurs a nominal 3% fee, contributing to the continual growth and stability of the Kondux ecosystem. Read more about our wallet updates here.


$KNDX Token Address – 0x7CA5af5bA3472AF6049F63c1AbC324475D44EFC1

2.2 Tokenomix

Kondux’s Tokenomix is innovatively structured to not only reward our community members but also to actively foster participation within our dynamic ecosystem. Our comprehensive Tokenomix is built upon a robust framework of over 16 smart contracts, encompassing 2 distinct tokens and a variety of NFTs and kNFTs. Each element is meticulously designed to interact synergistically, enhancing the overall value and quality of the ecosystem.


This interplay ensures not only the highest quality standards but also maximizes the value delivered to our community, making each interaction within the Kondux ecosystem both rewarding and enriching.


Disclaimer – Details of Kondux staking and rewards are subject to change


2.3 $KNDX Staking & Boosting Rewards


Enjoy the benefits of compounding rewards, as your $KNDX tokens grow in value with an extremely competitive base APY of 25%, calculated on an hourly compounding basis. Enhance your staking rewards by holding a Founder’s Pass NFT for a 10% boost to your rewards percentage. Further increase your returns by up to 5% rewards boost with your Photon kNFT, with the ability to stack up to 5 Photons for maximum impact.


Our staking system rewards longer commitments with increased boosts, while ensuring fairness with a sliding scale penalty(Max 10%), for early un-staking, safeguarding the ecosystem’s stability. In addition to $KNDX rewards, staking also earns you $HELIX tokens, with the APY depending on your chosen lock-up period – the longer the period, the higher your rewards.


Locking Periods and Reward Boosts:


– 30 days: Standard rewards

– 90 days: 1% reward boost

– 180 days: 3% reward boost

– 365 days: 9% reward boost


Early Un-staking Penalty:


Un-staking your tokens before the agreed lock period incurs penalties based on a sliding scale relative to the lock period:


– If unstaked on the same day (1 year lock): 10% penalty (1,000 $KNDX)

– Unstaking after 6 months: 5% penalty (500 $KNDX)

– Unstaking after 9 months: 2.5% penalty (250 $KNDX)


Unlock the full potential of your staking experience with a strategic combination of boosts. Read about all of the details on combined boost rewards here on our website.


2.4 $HELIX Emission Token

The $HELIX token, a novel addition to the Kondux ecosystem, complements our $KNDX Staking System with its unique utility. Designed with flexibility in mind, the $HELIX token is tailored for our Play-to-Earn (P2E) games and other evolving components of the Kondux ecosystem. Importantly, the introduction of the $HELIX token is structured to complement, not compromise, the value of our primary $KNDX token.


Exclusively earned through active participation and staking in our ecosystem, the $HELIX token is not available for sale, adding to its uniqueness and value. The $HELIX token serves multiple vital functions within the Kondux ecosystem, including character and item enhancements, kNFT asset redemption, and participation in dynamic partnership pools. Its unique dynamic is further characterized by being burned during the un-staking process, ensuring a balanced token economy. When you un-stake, your $KNDX tokens, including earned rewards, are seamlessly returned to your wallet.


Reward Ratio: $HELIX stakers enjoy a remarkable 10,000 to 1 ratio, as $HELIX tokens are minted to their wallet. The unique feature continues upon un-staking, where $HELIX is burned at the same 10,000 to 1 ratio. This balanced and transparent reward system adds a layer of simplicity and fairness to your staking experience.


2.5 kNFT Staking

By staking your kNFTs, you unlock the chance to earn exclusive rewards, including unique in-game assets, power boosts, and expanded utility tools, enhancing your overall experience in the Kondux ecosystem. Unlock additional benefits with kNFTs! 


In addition to their inherent staking capability, kNFTs offer a unique advantage by providing a 5% staking boost when holders stake $KNDX. This boost is stackable, allowing up to 4 kNFTs to contribute to a maximum staking boost of 20%. For those with a Founders Pass NFT, the maximum staking boost reaches an impressive 30%, creating a powerful incentive for enhanced staking rewards. 


Imagine the possibilities as these features extend to all kNFTs, elevating the staking experience for a broader community. Consider the potential of these benefits and explore the enhanced staking opportunities that come with them.


2.6 Monetization

At Kondux, we’re committed to creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. Our monetization strategy is multifaceted, and carefully planned to enhance the user experience while driving revenue and growth.The possibility of monetization exists in all parts of our ecosystem, providing multiple opportunities to reward users and creators. Some examples include:

  • Trading Fees from the 3D NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Partnership Fees
  • Subscription Fees for use of the Design Lab Platform
  • Fees from our NFT Minter
  • AD Revenue
  • Data Use Collection Fees



In the Technology Overview section, we delve into the heart of Kondux’s innovation, showcasing the cutting-edge technologies that drive our ecosystem. At Kondux, we’re not just visionaries; we’re technologists committed to empowering users with groundbreaking digital solutions. Our technology is meticulously engineered to minimize system strain while maximizing user experience and engagement.


We’re pioneering the integration of blockchain technology in a way that puts users in control of their digital assets and experiences. By harnessing the transformative power of blockchain, we’re opening new avenues for personal data ownership and usage rights. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to implementing these revolutionary technologies, paving the way for users to fully embrace and leverage their digital identities and assets.


Join us in exploring the technological foundations that make Kondux a leader in the Web3 space, setting new benchmarks in user empowerment and digital innovation.


3.1 NVIDIA Inception Program

Kondux is proud to be a member of the NVIDIA Inception program, a prestigious initiative designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in graphics, AI, and data sciences. Being part of this program marks a significant milestone in our journey, reflecting our commitment to disruptive innovation.


Through the NVIDIA Inception Program, we gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities:


  1. Expertise Enhancement: Participation in this program provides us with exclusive access to the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute’s educational materials and forums. This access enables our team to stay at the forefront of AI and machine learning developments, ensuring that Kondux remains cutting-edge.


  1. Technology Access: As part of the program, we receive preferred pricing on NVIDIA’s world-class hardware and software, as well as valuable cloud credits with NVIDIA’s partners. This access allows us to leverage advanced technologies in developing our platform, ensuring high performance and scalability.


  1. Venture Capital Opportunities: The program opens doors to NVIDIA’s vast network of investors through Inception Capital Connect, providing us with potential avenues for funding and collaboration, crucial for our growth and expansion.


  1. Brand Visibility: Participation in the program also offers us unique speaking opportunities at industry events and access to exclusive NVIDIA Inception events. These platforms significantly enhance our brand visibility and allow us to showcase our innovative solutions to a global audience.


Being a part of the NVIDIA Inception Program not only empowers us with resources but also aligns us with one of the leaders in AI and data science, solidifying our position as innovators in the Web3 space.

. Read more on our blog and the national press release on Yahoo.

3.2 NVIDIA Omniverse and GDN Intergration


Kondux is utilizing NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud and the Graphics Delivery Network (GDN) to revolutionize digital interaction and immersive experiences across our platforms, including the 3D Viewport, Marketplace, and gaming ventures. Here are the key benefits and solutions:



– Expanded Audience Reach: Enables high-quality 3D content access on any device, broadening audience engagement without the need for high-end hardware.

– Seamless Experience: Offers click-to-launch streaming directly through web browsers, eliminating the need for downloads and complicated setups.

– Global Accessibility: Utilizes GDN’s global GPU network to deliver consistent quality and interactivity in over 100 regions.

– Metaverse Accessibility: Transforms every connected device into a powerful RTX-capable machine, making diverse 3D applications streamable to nearly any device.

– Enhanced Security: Implements a streaming model where 3D assets are securely managed and controlled via kNFT DNA, ensuring assets are accessible only to their owners.

– Operational Efficiency: Automated content management reduces complexity and enhances the efficiency of deploying and managing digital content.


Solutions Provided:

– Streamlined Content Management: Leverages NVIDIA Developer Portal and Services Platform APIs for simplified content management and deployment.

– Democratized High-Fidelity Experiences: Streams complex, resource-intensive 3D and OpenUSD content, overcoming traditional device limitations.

– Interactive 3D NFT Viewport: Supports real-time interaction with dynamically interactive assets, revolutionizing the NFT viewing experience.

– Innovative Gaming Development: Enables the creation of detailed, high-fidelity games streamable in real-time, accessible without the need for advanced user hardware.

– Revenue Opportunities: Improved management and distribution of digital assets accelerate time-to-market and unlock new monetization channels.


3.3 OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description)


Kondux is leveraging the groundbreaking Universal Scene Description (USD) technology, initially developed by Pixar, to set new standards in 3D object graphics and interoperability. By integrating USD into our creative ecosystem, we’re unlocking unparalleled efficiency and flexibility in our design processes.


USD’s transformative impact on our platform includes some of the following:


  1. Collaborative Workflow: USD allows for non-destructive editing and collaboration across multiple views, making it easier for designers and developers to work together seamlessly on complex projects. This collaborative approach significantly accelerates the development timeline and enhances the quality of the final output.


  1. Versatile Application: Originally designed for high-end graphic film production, USD’s capabilities extend far beyond. In the Kondux ecosystem, it serves as the backbone for a range of applications, from gaming and animation to virtual reality experiences. This versatility makes USD an invaluable asset in our technology stack.


  1. Scalable Asset Management: The USD framework excels in organizing and managing virtual assets. It enables us to handle large-scale 3D scenes of multiple elements efficiently, ensuring smooth and streamlined asset integration.


  1. Interoperability Across Tools: With USD, we can easily import and export 3D assets across various software platforms, including Unity, Autodesk, and others. This interoperability is essential for maintaining a flexible and adaptive design process, allowing us to leverage the best tools available for each project.


  1. Optimized Performance: One of USD’s key benefits is its ability to maintain high-quality output while minimizing system resource strain. This optimization ensures that our users enjoy a seamless and responsive experience, even in the most complex environments.


Adopting USD reflects Kondux’s commitment to staying at the forefront of 3D technology and innovation. It’s a strategic move that enhances our capability to deliver high-quality, interactive digital experiences, driving us further in our journey to shape the future of the digital world.


The best way to truly understand the capabilities and tools the technology provides is to read Pixar’s Introduction to USD.


3.4 DNA Sequence kNFT Technology

Innovating with kNFTs: Redefining Utility in the NFT Landscape


As developers and artists, the Kondux team thrives on pushing boundaries and cultivating innovation. Our insatiable appetite for exploration led to the creation of a distinct category of NFTs—introducing the kNFT! Similar to the concept of Dynamic NFTs, kNFTs are designed to redefine the utility of NFTs, capable of evolving to meet the diverse needs of secure technology applications. Explore further on our blog.


 Key Features:


  1. Upgradeable Aspect with Kondux DNA: The unique Kondux DNA brings an upgradeable aspect to kNFTs, enabling them to morph into countless iterations. Additionally, they possess the ability to change when combined with other NFTs. This interactive feature opens up limitless possibilities across various use cases, spanning art, gaming, and music.


  1. Interconnected kNFTs: Kondux has developed a groundbreaking communication protocol, allowing kNFTs to interact with, extract information from, and alter each other in real time when paired together. This innovation unlocks diverse use cases, fostering a dynamic ecosystem.


  1. Unique DNA Stored in Kondux NFT Contract: Each Kondux kNFT possesses a distinctive DNA stored in the Kondux NFT contract. This DNA, represented as a uint256 variable, serves as the genetic code of the kNFT, ready to be loaded into games or applications, providing users with a one-of-a-kind asset.


  1. Flexible Gene Structure: The underlying custom DNA protocol accommodates an undefined number of genes, each fitting within a 256-bit space. This flexible structure allows for the creation of interoperable assets with attributes determined by the genes, supporting use across multiple platforms and enabling seamless updates.


  1. Integration with NVIDIA Omniverse and USD Technologies: Combined with cutting-edge technologies like NVIDIA Omniverse and USD, Kondux kNFTs stand out as best-in-class, excelling in both utility and appearance. This integration ensures a superior user experience and elevates kNFTs to new heights of innovation in the digital landscape.


3.5 NVIDIA GDN (Graphic Display Network)


Welcome to the Kondux Ecosystem, where innovation meets practicality in the expansive realm of digital assets. Our ecosystem stands as a testament to our vision of a Web3-powered future, where users experience unparalleled interaction and creation within a seamless digital environment.


Crafted to meet the demands of contemporary digital asset technology products, the Kondux ecosystem operates as a powerhouse within the browser. This revolutionary platform is meticulously designed to elevate the user experience to unprecedented heights, offering the pinnacle of quality while imposing the lightest possible taxation on system resources. At Kondux, we firmly believe that providing users with access to state-of-the-art rendering capabilities is the key to accelerating the evolution of Web3 products.


In collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse technology, our platform extends resources to developers, revolutionizing the landscape by drastically reducing production time for AAA game and film productions. This transformative approach not only saves valuable resources such as time and money but also fosters increased profitability for creators.


Key Use Cases within the Kondux Ecosystem:


  1. Gaming Assets: Elevate the gaming experience by seamlessly integrating high-quality assets into immersive environments.


  1. Proof of Ownership (titles, licenses, certificates): Leverage blockchain technology to establish indisputable proof of ownership for various digital assets.


  1. Collectibles: Create and trade unique digital collectibles securely with the assurance of blockchain-backed ownership.


  1. Manufacturing Assets: Streamline the production process by utilizing cutting-edge technology to design and optimize manufacturing assets.


  1. Secured Verification Certificates: Establish trust and authenticity through secured verification certificates, ensuring the integrity of digital assets within the ecosystem.


In essence, the Kondux ecosystem, in collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse, emerges as a catalyst for efficiency, innovation, and profitability, ushering in a new era of possibilities for the Web3 landscape.


4.1 Viewport dApp

Unveiling the Power of Our 3D NFT Viewport


Immerse yourself in the elegance and power of our 3D NFT Viewport – a cutting-edge feature that transcends traditional display methods. This dynamic platform is engineered to showcase digital assets in an immersive, interactive environment where users can effortlessly rotate, zoom, and capture scenes from any angle or perspective.


As we envision the future of NFTs within 3D environments, our Viewport stands as a revolutionary tool capable of hosting and displaying assets for multiple applications in this innovative format. What sets us apart is the unique combination of power and elegance that defines our 3D NFT Viewport, setting a new standard for the industry.


Distinguishing Features:


  1. Immersive Interaction: 3D digital assets come to life as users interact seamlessly within our browser-based Viewport, unlocking a level of engagement never seen before.


  1. Versatility: Our Viewport is designed to cater to the diverse needs of multiple applications, offering a versatile platform for the dynamic display of digital assets.


  1. Unmatched Capabilities: No other prominent NFT viewport in the market boasts the advanced capabilities that we have developed for our platform. We have set a new benchmark in the NFT space.


Step into the future of NFTs with Kondux, where our powerful yet elegant 3D NFT Viewport unveils the true potential of interactive digital assets.


4.2 AR/VR/XR Viewer

Embracing the Future with Extended Reality: Introducing Our AR/VR/XR Viewer


As the trajectory of technological advancements leans heavily toward Extended Reality (XR) capabilities, we recognize that the evolution of digital assets will follow suit. In anticipation of this transformative shift, we proudly introduce our AR/VR/XR Viewer—a gateway to unlocking the full potential of immersive digital experiences.


Key Features:


  1. Seamless Loading: Our AR/VR/XR Viewer enables users to effortlessly load their digital assets, seamlessly transitioning them into augmented, virtual, or mixed reality environments.


  1. Intuitive Interaction: Experience digital assets the way they were designed to be used. Our viewer empowers users to not just view but actively interact with AR/VR/XR assets, creating an immersive and engaging user experience.


  1. Future-Forward Design:  Anticipating the future trends in Extended Reality, our viewer positions itself as a forward-looking tool that aligns with the evolving landscape of digital assets.


In a world where the boundaries between the digital and physical realms are continually blurring, our AR/VR/XR Viewer stands as a testament to our commitment to providing users with the tools they need to navigate and thrive in the next era of technological innovation. Step into the future with Kondux, where the possibilities of Extended Reality are at your fingertips.


4.3 3D NFT Marketplace

Transformative Evolution: Kondux Unleashes the 3D NFT Marketplace


In the ever-evolving landscape of NFTs, no longer confined to 2D collections, a paradigm shift is underway—a shift demanding a marketplace infrastructure capable of dynamic adaptation. Enter our revolutionary 3D NFT Marketplace, where the convergence of our Viewport dApp and AR/XR/VR Viewer creates an unparalleled shopping experience for NFT enthusiasts.


Key Features:


  1. Adaptive Infrastructure: Recognizing the evolution of NFTs into dynamically interactive assets, our marketplace is designed with a flexible infrastructure capable of accommodating the changing nature of these digital collectibles.


  1. Ultimate NFT Shopping Experience: Leveraging the power of our Viewport dApp and AR/XR/VR Viewer, our marketplace offers the ultimate NFT shopping experience, breaking free from traditional limitations.


  1. Unprecedented Showcase for 3D NFTs: Current marketplaces fall short in showcasing the full potential of 3D NFTs with utilities spanning gaming, entertainment, and XR applications. Kondux Marketplace steps in, providing a platform where 3D art and assets come to life, allowing users to view them as intended—in 3D from any angle with dynamic interactions with items and accessories.


As the digital realm continues its dynamic evolution, Kondux stands at the forefront, reshaping the NFT experience with our innovative 3D NFT Marketplace—an immersive and interactive platform tailored for the future of digital collectibles. Step into a new era of NFT exploration with Kondux.


4.4 Design Lab

Revolutionizing 3D Web3 Ecosystem: Kondux’s NVIDIA Omniverse-Powered Design Services


Harnessing the immense capabilities of NVIDIA Omniverse technology, the Kondux team takes a giant leap forward, offering comprehensive design services and hosting instances for partnership contracts. Our commitment extends to providing complete Software Development Kit (SDK) Engineering Services, seamlessly integrating 3D assets layered with advanced Web3 technology.


Key Features:


  1. NVIDIA Omniverse Integration: Powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, our platform brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront, ensuring top-notch design services and hosting instances for partnership contracts.


  1. SDK Engineering for 3D Assets: Our services go beyond the ordinary, offering SDK engineering tailored for 3D assets infused with Web3 technology, elevating the standard for immersive digital experiences.


  1. Token Ownership Requirement: Access to these groundbreaking services is facilitated through ownership of $KNDX tokens, underlining our commitment to community engagement and participation.


  1. Fees and Revenue Sharing: In alignment with industry standards, our model involves nominal fees and a set percentage of NFT sales revenue, ensuring a fair and sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders.


  1. CMS-Style Service: Inspired by major Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wix, Shopify, and WordPress, our service aims to redefine the 3D Web3 landscape, simplifying the design process and empowering creators.


Kondux stands at the forefront of change, aiming to reshape the face of the 3D Web3 ecosystem with a service that combines innovation, accessibility, and community empowerment. Join us in this transformative journey as we pave the way for a new era of digital creativity.


4.5 NFT Minter 

Empowering Creativity: Seamlessly Mint NFTs/kNFTs with Kondux


Embark on your journey of creative expression as Kondux empowers users to effortlessly mint their own NFTs/kNFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Whether originating from our cutting-edge Design Lab or imported from other sources, our minting solution boasts simplicity and user-friendliness at every experience level.


Key Features:


  1. Versatile Minting Solution: Our platform caters to a spectrum of creative endeavors, from one-off 2D artwork to expansive 3D kNFT collections and verified assets like ownership certificates.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with intuitiveness in mind, our minting solution ensures a seamless experience for users of all levels, fostering accessibility and ease of use.


  1. From Design Lab to External Sources: Whether the creation springs directly from our own Design Lab or is sourced from external platforms, Kondux’s minting solution seamlessly adapts to diverse creative inputs.


  1. Blockchain Security: Leverage the Ethereum blockchain’s robust security to ensure the authenticity and immutability of your minted NFTs/kNFTs.


In the ever-expanding landscape of digital creativity, Kondux invites users to take control of their artistic journey with a minting solution that is both powerful and user-centric. Experience the freedom to mint and showcase your unique creations with Kondux—an innovative platform for the next era of NFT exploration.


4.6 Genome Lab


 Kondux Genome Lab: kNFT DNA Sequence Technology


The Kondux Genome Lab serves as an educational platform & headless marketplace for users to understand the components and intricacies of kNFT DNA technology. 


– Interactive Encoding & Decoding: Use our intuitive tools to encode new kNFT DNA sequences or decode existing ones to understand their attributes in plain language. This hands-on approach helps users and developers appreciate the power and simplicity of kNFTs.


– Dynamic Attributes: kNFT DNA sequences are composed of dynamically assigned numerical values, representing various attributes such as collection type, color, patterns, and dimensions. These genes are designed to fit into a 256-bit space, allowing for real-time property value changes and nearly limitless possibilities.


– Visual Learning Tools: For those who are visual learners, the Genome Lab provides a graphical representation of the DNA sequence, making it easier to grasp the concept and utility of kNFTs.


4.7 VFX Pipelines

VFX Pipelines in NVIDIA Omniverse with Blockchain Integration


Kondux is integrating VFX pipelines within NVIDIA Omniverse, supported by Ethereum smart contracts and GDN, to offer a revolutionary platform for digital asset management and creation. This integration facilitates groundbreaking advancements in digital content creation, aligning perfectly with Kondux’s mission to empower, innovate, and include.


Key Benefits and Solutions:


– Global Collaboration on a Secure Platform:

  – Secure Data Consolidation: Utilizes Omniverse’s robust security protocols, akin to TPN Certification, to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data in global collaborations.

  – Enhanced Collaboration: Allows global teams to work together seamlessly, maintaining asset and project security.


– Adapting to Industry Changes with Micro Teams:

  – Democratization of Technology: Lowers entry barriers, enabling small teams to compete with large production houses.

  – Support for Agility: Facilitates a shift toward more flexible and responsive production models, empowering “the little guy.”


– OpenUSD and NVIDIA Omniverse Synergy:

  – Scalable VFX Framework: Leverages OpenUSD for seamless management and exchange of digital assets across platforms.

  – Interoperable Ecosystem: Ensures consistent and scalable asset exchange, enhancing collaborative projects across diverse software and hardware.


– Ethereum Smart Contracts for Security and Transparency:

  – Automated Processes: Automates key operations like royalty payments and rights management to reduce errors and fraud.

  – Transparent Operations: Ensures every transaction and modification is tamper-proof and transparent, building trust and reliability.


– GDN: Streamlining the VFX Experience:

  – Cloud-Streaming Infrastructure: Utilizes NVIDIA’s GDN to deliver high-fidelity, interactive 3D experiences directly to user devices.

  – Enhanced Accessibility: Democratizes access to high-quality VFX tools without needing high-end local hardware.


– Community and Collaboration at the Core:

  – Inclusive Tool Access: Provides intuitive tools that invite participation from a diverse user base, including gamers, artists, and developers.

  – Foster Creativity and Collaboration: Encourages collaborative digital exploration and creativity.


– A Commitment to Quality and Trust:

  – High Standards: Maintains the highest quality and reliability in offerings, with regular updates and transparent communication.

  – Secure and Private Environment: Integrates Ethereum blockchain technology for enhanced security and privacy, reinforcing trust.



This transformative approach significantly propels the potential for creators to develop immersive experiences. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation, Kondux is setting new standards in the digital content creation landscape.



To Our Valued Community,


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you! Your unwavering support fuels our enthusiasm as we embark on this exciting journey together. At Kondux, we are venturing into uncharted territory with our groundbreaking technology, and your encouragement motivates us to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of Web3.


The journey ahead is brimming with promise, and we are thrilled about the path that Kondux is set to tread. Our commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies for Web3 applications remains steadfast, and we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of new possibilities.


Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the creation of an open Metaverse—a space that is accessible to all and collectively built by everyone. With your support, we are confident that we will make significant strides toward realizing this vision.


Thank you for being an integral part of the Kondux community. We pledge to continue working tirelessly to make you proud.


Exciting times await!