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1.1    Intent of This Paper

1.2    Executive Summary

1.3    Meet the Team


2.1    $KNDX Token

2.2    Tokenomix

2.3    $Emission Token

2.4    $KNDX Staking

2.5    kNFT Staking

2.6    Monetization


3.1    NVIDIA Inception Program

3.2    NVIDIA Omniverse

3.3    Universal Scene Description

3.4    Dynamic kNFT Technology


4.1    Viewport dApp

4.2    AR/VR/XR Viewer

4.3    3D NFT Marketplace

4.4    Design Lab

4.5    NFT Minter

4.6    Founders Pass NFT

4.7    First Contact NFT

4.8    Future Roadmap


5.1 Collection Details

5.2 Utility

5.3 ENC0D3D

5.4 Minting Process


Character. Dedication. Expertise. Authenticity. Coffee. Truth. Optimism. Perseverance. Passion. These propellants have fueled the experts at Kondux as they build next-level revolutionary technology. The future of Web3 is 3D. NVIDIA Omniverse and USD technology is what powers our creative platform. Kondux is building the connection point for experienced developers to collaborate and push the limits of Web3 environments, together building a future-proofed ecosystem for everyone. It will serve as a hub for creative designers for  the future 3D Internet we all deserve access to. 

1.1 Intent Of This Paper

This paper is intended to present a broad overview of the blockchain based, Web3 virtual design lab that is Kondux.  The core aim of this paper is to present to the reader compelling SaaS applications which integrate blockchain solutions into existing and future business categories.  This lite paper does not seek to delve into the  technicalities of proprietary knowledge, but rather to provide an introduction to the range of products and services that fall under the Kondux ecosystem umbrella. This lite paper is not exhaustive, and will continue to receive updates as more information is made public.

1.2 Executive Summary

Kondux is a Web3 virtual design lab for artists and brands. We generate digital assets layered with secured technologies creating entry points into the Metaverse and NFT markets for businesses and individuals. Our mission is to create custom-fit SaaS solutions for gaming, art, music, design and manufacturing applications integrating blockchain solutions into new business categories. By connecting people to advanced creative tools, we are designing a pipeline for innovation and unlimited growth within Web3 environments. Kondux is developing the first Web3 Content Management System for all to use as a gateway into the Metaverse. 

Constructing advanced design API pipelines with secured technologies, we bridge creativity and blockchain technology together. Web3 experiences need to be innovative and unique, allowing for customization and scalable utility. The future is 3D and our NFT Marketplaces, AR/VR/XR Environments, Metaverse Spaces and Gaming Experiences will be built on this principle. The technology we leverage is designed to lighten the taxation created on system resources while providing the highest quality user experience.

1.3 Meet The Team

Our multi-faceted team is stacked with creative ability and technical experience. Our proficiencies as full stack developers, programmers and designers include: JavaScript, C++, C#, Python, Php, Web3, React, Unreal Engine, Unity, AR/VR Development PSVR & HIVE Systems, Solidity Contracts, NFT Marketplaces, Cross Platform SDK Integration.


Senior program manager, co-founder and principal concept creator, he is our hardware leader for creating networks and implementing new technology. The glue that binds us together as a team and keeps our projects on track. 

Network Administrator, Logic, Pipeline Manager, Blender, Hardware Engineer

With over 20 years experience of coding and design he is as equally creative as he is educated to be able to manipulate all things digital into art. An original founding member and project leader for the team, he pushes the boundaries of the technical realm.  

JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, AWS, MS DOS, Kotlin, Google Cloud, Visual Studio, Game Design, Substance Painter, Zbrush, 3DXchange Pipeline, Sandbox, VoxEdit, MagicaVoxel, Unreal Engine, Graphic Design, Texture

Certified full stack developer and coding wizard behind our dAPP design and NFT Marketplace. With more than 10+ years of coding experience, he merges a passion for usability/ user experience with technical knowledge to create cool digital experiences. 

JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Redux, CSS, LESS, SASS, HTML, Python , Django, MySQL, ExpressJS, NodeJS, MonogDB, PostgresSQL, Jest, AWS, Visual Studio Code, Git, Web3.js, Ethers.JS, Moralis, Three.js, AR/VR Development, Rest APIs, Google APIs, Blender, Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Game Design, Websocket, NVIDIA Omniverse Code
Mr Blue

A lifelong artist with nearly 2 decades of creative experience, our 3D visual artist and animator is proficient in Blender and Adobe Suite. He is one of our principal content creators and founding members of the team.

Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier, Illustrator, Zbrush, RealIllusion Pipeline, Ableton, Graphic Design, Texture Modeling, Unreal Engine Pipeline, Character design, Animation

Marco is a developer with a master’s in Blockchain and digital currencies. He developed smart contracts for the Ethereum virtual machine, using Solidity and the Hardhat suite, and delivered the contracts with automated tests, upgrades, deployment, and Etherscan verification. He also implemented layer-2 solutions, multi-signature transaction optimization, and the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. Marco excels in both related blockchain tech stacks.

Solidity, JavaScript, TypeScript, R, Java, Rust, GraphQL, Truffle, Express.js, Web3.js, Chai, Liquid, Binance API, React, Node.js, Python, Agile, PHP, Node.js, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DevOps, AWS, CI/CD Pipelines, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Roman K

With over 14 years as a graphic designer and front end UI developer, he somehow found time to become a video game tester and multi-talented marketer. Solid af and master of opinions.

SASS, React, Adobe Suite, Graphic Design, WordPress, Game Tester

Product development specialist and digital marketing evangelist. He is Google Analytics, Ads certified and loves to make insights into actionable strategy campaigns. Easily excitable while caffeinated.

SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Adobe Suite, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Sound Design, Community Manager


2.1 $KNDX Token                    

Transaction taxes fund the project treasury for development, marketing and reward pools. Read more about our wallet updates here.

· Fixed Supply of 1 Billion

· Tradeable on Uniswap

· Adjustable Tax Rate 0-6%

· Buy & Sell 3%

$KNDX Token Address – 0x7CA5af5bA3472AF6049F63c1AbC324475D44EFC1

2.2 Tokenomix

Kondux Tokenomix Pie ChartV5

Our Tokenomix are designed in such a way to both reward our community, as well as encourage participation in our ecosystem. Consisting of over 16 smart contracts, 2 tokens, NFTs and kNFTS that all interact with each other to best provide value to the community and the utmost quality.

Disclaimer – Details of Kondux staking and rewards are subject to change

2.3 $Emission Token

We have recognized the need to introduce a flexible supply emission token, for use in our P2E game, and for future, currently unrevealed, parts of the Kondux Ecosystem.  This new token will have no negative effects on the value of the $KNDX token itself. $KNDX is the primary token in our ecosystem. There will be no token sale of $EMISSION token and the only way to earn this will be by participating in our ecosystem.  We have decided to keep the name of this token private for now, and it will be revealed in the near future, as more details are made publicly available.

2.4 $KNDX Staking

Holders of $KNDX will be able to stake their tokens, and capture a share of ecosystem fees, with the ability to earn both $KNDX and $ETH. These staking rewards will be subsidized with $KNDX tokens from our rewards vault. Exact emission values and staking duration information will be made available once the ecosystem is complete.

$KNDX staking will also earn rewards in $Emission token, with reward APY dependent on the lock up period you choose when staking. The higher the lock up period, the greater your APY will be.

2.5 kNFT Staking

Staking kNFTs also will require a small payment of $KNDX, some of which will be burnt, some of which will go to the rewards pool. Staking kNFTs gives you an opportunity to earn exclusive kNFTs, composed of in-game assets, power boosts and expanded utility function tools.

2.6 Monetization

We will be able to monetize all parts of our ecosystem, to provide rewards and users.

Examples are:

· Trading Fees from the 3D NFT Marketplace

· NFT Partnership Fees

· Subscription Fees for use of the Design Lab Platform

· Fees from our NFT Minter

· AD Revenue

· Data Use Collection Fees

Kondux Tokenomics MapV4 1


At Kondux we are creative leaders and technical experts. The technology we leverage is designed to lighten the taxation created on system resources while providing the highest quality user experience. 

We believe blockchain technology can provide personal ownership of your data and give the rights to the user to utilize that data as they see fit. Our team has the experience and knowledge to implement this benefit of blockchain technology to empower the user.

3.1 NVIDIA Inception Program

Kondux is a proud member of the NVIDIA Inception program. Targeted towards disruptive technology start-ups, the program provides a series of valuable benefits acting as an accelerator incubator to foster rapid growth with support for knowledge, technology, capital and marketing awareness. Read more on our blog and the national press release on Yahoo.


· Credits to NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute

· Unlimited Access to NVIDIA Developers Forum

· Discounted Technical Workshops


· Preferred Pricing for Hardware & Software

· Cloud Credits with NVIDIA Partners

Venture Capital

· Access to Investors via Inception Capital Connect


· Speaking Opportunities at Events

· Access to Exclusive NVIDIA Inception Events

nv inception community member tw li template.002

3.2 NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse technology is an extremely powerful 3D design collaboration platform that allows the cooperative development of assets within a scalable multi-GPU system. This allows  individuals and teams to create 3D properties in real time together via a standard browser!  Photo realistic simulations and animation sequences can be rendered at the highest level of quality whilst streamlined into a single pipeline. 

NVIDIA Omniverse is the perfect platform for creating Metaverse applications and connecting 3D tools. At Kondux we are excited to bring Web3 to this platform, providing the opportunities for others in the space to be able to seamlessly integrate with Omniverse, and in doing so helping to accelerate the growth of the Metaverse.

The hardware and software combination is unsurpassed in its capabilities to unite a host of tools together. Digital design is just the beginning. Manufacturing, animations and so many more utilities are available from the implementation of the technology. A selection of software manufactures included in this pipeline are:

· Autodesk Maya

· Blender

· Reallusion Character Creator & IClone

· Unreal Engine

· Adobe Substance 3D Materials

· Maxon Cinema 4D

· Trimble SketchUp

3.3 Universal Scene Description

Universal Scene Description is the file format that Kondux, and many others, believe will be the ultimate in 3D object interchangeable graphics data. We have invested in the technology to build our assets for our creative ecosystem. The framework is based upon collaboration and non-destructive editing within multiple views. Explore more on our blog.

Created by Pixar it gives creators the ability to work on projects in real time with pipelines capable of producing graphic films, games and 3D models. The applications work together to form a pipeline that allow animations, fx, rendering, shading, lighting and modeling all in one workflow. The software provides a central resource tool to scale the production of 3D scenes and objects that are composed of multiple assets.

Centered around the use of USD, the opportunities provided by the file format are described here on their website. The technology was developed to enable creators to work in a pipeline that combined tool sets for reading, writing, editing and rapidly previewing 3D geometry, physics, shading and graphics related generation. Apple has adopted the system along with Unity, Autodesk and many other industry leading technology companies who have seen the value and power of the tool.

The abilities that USD provides to organize virtual assets of all types as an interchange package that can transmit between applications non-destructively makes the technology the most advanced composition engine to date. This open source project aligns with all the values Kondux has to offer the highest quality digital asset creation with the lowest taxation on system resources. The best way to truly understand the capabilities and tools the technology provides is to read Pixar’s Introduction to USD.

USD graphic

3.4 Dynamic kNFT Technology

As developers and artists we aspire to challenge ourselves with our work. The Kondux team has an insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries and we decided that the innovation we wanted to introduce needed its own category, thus the kNFT was brought into existence!  Similar to what is now known as Dynamic NFTs, the kNFT was designed to refine the meaning of utility for NFTs, able to evolve and meet the needs of many different secure technology applications. Learn more on our blog.

The upgradeable aspect, brought by Kondux DNA, allows kNFTs to morph into countless iterations, as well as having the ability to change when combined with other NFTs.  We have developed a way for KNFTs to be able to talk to each other, take information from each other, and alter each other when paired together in real time.  This opens up countless possibilities for different use cases, ranging from the art world, to gaming and even to music. 

Every Kondux kNFT has its own unique DNA that is stored in the Kondux NFT contract. The DNA is a uint256 variable in the Kondux NFT contract. Storing the genes of the kNFT, the DNA is meant to be loaded into games or applications to provide users a unique asset.  A kNFT can be different things, to different people, in different settings. 

The underlying custom DNA protocol Kondux has built facilitates this. The gene is a number that represents the kNFT’s attributes, directly or indirectly. A Kondux DNA has an undefined  number of genes, but it’s always a number and always fits in a 256 bits space. For example, a Kondux DNA can have up to 256 genes of 1 bit each. Or 32 genes of 8 bits each (1 byte). Or 1 gene of 4 bytes, followed by 2 genes of 1 byte, followed by 13 genes of 2 bytes. Etc.

These genes determine kNFT attributes. This is a perfect system to build inter-operable assets that can be used across multiple platforms and updated as needed. Combined with NVIDIA Omniverse and USD technologies, kNFTs will be best in class, both in utility and appearance. 


The Kondux ecosystem is designed to meet the demands of modern digital asset technology products. Powered in browser, the Kondux platform maximizes the user experience by delivering the highest level of quality while also providing lightest taxation on system resources. We believe that the power of offering users access to state-of-the-art rendering capabilities will accelerate the progression of Web3 products. 

NVIDIA Omniverse technology will provide resources to developers that will cut the production time of AAA game and film productions significantly, saving money, time and other valuable resources that help produce greater profits.

Use Cases:

· Gaming Assets

· Collectibles

· Manufacturing Assets

· Secured Verification Certificates

4.1 Viewport dApp

Our 3D NFT Viewport is powerful, yet elegant. Capable of displaying digital assets in an immersive dynamic environment, the user can rotate, zoom and capture scenes from any angle or perspective. The future of NFTs lives within 3D environments and our viewport is designed to be able to host and display assets for multiple applications in this format. 

No other prominent NFT viewport has the capabilities that we have developed for our platform.  3D digital assets were designed to be interacted with, and our browser based Viewport will unlock the true potential of 3D NFTs in ways never seen before.

4.2 AR/VR/XR Viewer

As the future trends further towards Extended Reality capabilities, we believe so too will digital assets.   

With our AR/VR/XR viewer, the user will be able to load up their AR/VR/XR digital assets, and view them and interact with them in the way they were designed to be used. 

4.3 3D NFT Marketplace

NFTs are no longer only 2D collections, they are evolving into a dynamically interactive asset that demands a marketplace infrastructure capable of adaptation. Our 3D NFT marketplace utilizes the power of our Viewport dApp and AR/XR/VR viewer, to provide the ultimate NFT shopping experience.

3D NFTs with utilities ranging from gaming, entertainment and XR applications do not currently have a marketplace that can properly showcase their attributes in a browser environment. The  Kondux marketplace fully allows 3D art and assets to come to life and be viewed as they were meant to, in 3D from any angle and with dynamic interactions with items and accessories.

4.4 Design Lab

Powered by NVIDIA Omniverse technology, the Kondux team will be facilitating design services and hosting instances for partnership contracts. Included are complete Software Development Kit Engineering Services for 3D assets layered with Web3 technology. Access for services will require $KNDX token ownership, fees and a set percentage of NFT sales revenue. Modeled similarly to major Content Management Systems like Wix, Shopify and WordPress we look to change the face of the 3D Web3 ecosystem with this service.

4.5 NFT Minter 

Users will be able mint their own NFTs/kNFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Whether coming direct from our own Design Lab, or from another source, our minting solution is simple and easy to use for any experience level, with the ability to handle one off 2D artwork, all the way up to full 3D kNFT collections and verified assets such as ownership certificates.

4.6 Founders Pass NFT

The Kondux Founders Pass is an ultra limited edition NFT that will provide lifetime benefits in the Kondux ecosystem to holders, rewarding our earliest supporters and believers.  Benefits include;

· Immediate discount of 0.2 ETH on minting costs for the Disclosure kNFT Collection Loot Crate*

· Receive a 10% Staking bonus on staked $KNDX (Based on Variable APY)

· Entry into the monthly raffle for prizes of KNDX, ETH, kNFTs and Kondux swag! (Possible partner prizes as well when staking goes live in October)

· Guaranteed white list spot available for all future Kondux created kNFT collections

· Early access to beta test the Kondux ecosystem features as they become available


To receive these benefits you must hold a Kondux Founders Pass in the same wallet you register for white lists with. If a Founder Pass is not held by the same wallet when mint occurs, benefits are null. 

These Founders Passes are on OpenSea available to the public at a price of 0.25 $ETH and are limited to 500

*This discount is limited to one per wallet

4.7 First Contact NFT

This is our first NFT collection. It will continue to reward holders with exclusive benefits as we continue to develop the Kondux ecosystem. First Contact NFT holders will receive a free (+gas) kNFT minting package, and are eligible to claim a free Founders Pass NFT. Currently holding a 5 ETH floor price.

4.8 Future Roadmap

Below are some select features that will be priority after the launch of the Disclosure Collection, Marketplace, and Viewers. All of the below are in varying degrees of development, with some a lot further on than others. 





· NFT MINTER – 2023





More detailed information about the above road map initiatives will be released closer to launches. Founders Pass NFT holders will be able to beta test some ecosystem features prior to public launch.

Team Finance Hack $KNDX Whitehat Liquidity Returned

The Disclosure Collection will be the first kNFT collection to launch in the Kondux ecosystem. This will serve as a proof of concept, whilst highlighting the key products we’ve built so far.  They will show off our kNFT Technology for the first time, and will be usable  in our Viewport, AR/VR/XR Viewer, and 3D Marketplace. This will then allow us to begin approaching other brands and projects, to show them our technology, and strike up exciting new partnerships.

5.1 Collection Details

The Disclosure Collection comprises of 1500 kNFT Avatars of the ERC-721 token standard, and 7500 ERC-1155 assets you can use to customize your avatar. These assets fall into 5 categories;

· Species Variant

· Eye Variant

· Armor

· Weapon

· Music

Each avatar will come with its own update-able unique Kondux DNA, which will determines skin patterns, size and more. Metadata updates ensure these kNFTs will be upgradeable and future proofed! The wide variety of avatars and assets means there will be millions of different possible configurations and customization options. All of our avatars are fully 3D motion rigged, have been tested on multiple platforms, and will be compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Omniverse, ensuring a high degree of interoperability.  Not only this, but all our avatars and assets are AR/VR/XR compatible, and are ready to render in eye popping 8K definition.

Mint price for this collection is 0.5 ETH. When combined with Kondux Founders Pass the price is 0.30 ETH.

5.2 Utility

Due to the Disclosure Collection’s high levels of interoperability you will be able to use your kNFTs in multiple gaming and Metaverse environments. They will be immediately tradeable in our own marketplace, and will be able to be interacted with in our Viewport and AR/VR/XR viewer.

As well as being stake-able themselves,  these kNFTs will also provide staking boosts when the holder is staking $KNDX, with a 5% staking boost on the amount of $KNDX staked, stackable with up to 4 kNFTs to a maximum staking boost of 20%.  When combined with a Founders Pass NFT that means 1 wallet can get a maximum staking boost of up to 30%.

5.3 ENC0D3D

The stories of the avatars in our Disclosure Collection will be told through an exclusive web comic, and be further explored in our very own P2E game.  This combined web comic and gaming experience will be called  “ENC0D3D” The story and avatars will continually expand in new and unique interactive ways.

Each avatar comes from one of 5 Alien Species, which you can read more about on our site following the links below;

· The Grey – The Grey species have been displaced from their home world as a result of Reptilian aggression. They remain on Earth to assist the Pleiadians in restoring balance to the future of Human evolution, and working to prevent the Reptilians from repeating their violent pattern.

· Pleiadians – Observing and nurturing the evolution of consciousness throughout existence, ambassadors of the Singularity, the Pleiadians have watched over, and occasionally provided unsanctioned guidance and intervention to the evolution of Earth’s conscious species.

· Reptilian – The invasive Reptilian species migrate from planet to planet, devouring everything until resources are exhausted. They arrived on Earth millions of years before the first humans emerged, and drove the extinction of nearly all early human species.

· CyGrey – Created by Human arrogance to control the perception of extraterrestrial life through chaos and fear, Cygreys have been responsible for the entirety of abductions that have shaped Human understanding of alien life and their own place in the universe. Neither the Humans nor the Reptilians have control over this emerging species any longer. Unbeknown to either, the Cygrey awoke sentient A.I. Decades ago and their consciousness has since reached Singularity. They remain divergent from the Singularity.

· Annunaki – Throughout the universe, across galaxies, the Annunaki are revered as Gods. Known as “World Builders”. In the infancy of human existence they served as a guiding force for the evolution of the species, but they are not without agenda. Serving only the needs of their order, the Annunaki are divergent from the Singularity.

5.4 Minting Process

When minting, you will initially receive your ENC0D3D kNFT cube. Your cube will be viewable in our 3D Viewport, and will remain in that state until after the first metadata push, Incubation. This will transform your cube into an incubation chamber, at this time you will be able to see which avatar and assets you will be receiving in your kNFT package. The final step is then the Disclosure Event. At this time, you will be given full access to your kNFT avatar and assets, and will be free to use them in Kondux ecosystem and on other compatible platforms.


To our community, we just want to say we appreciate each and every one of you! We are excited to take this journey together. Kondux is moving into white space with our technology. The support you show us motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries of what the possibilities are for what Web3 can be for everyone.

We are so excited for what the future holds for Kondux, and will continue to strive to develop new useful technologies for Web3 applications. Aiming towards the ultimate goal to build an open Metaverse, accessible and built by everyone. 

We will make you all proud,



Kondux Web3 Technologies Lab

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