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Kondux Founder Pass NFT

Kondux Founder Pass NFT


As an owner of the KONDUX FOUNDER PASS NFT you will receive a series of exclusive benefits within the $KNDX ecosystem. This unique opportunity is available to only 500 people who mint the pass! 

Ecosystem BOOSTER!

  • FREE Disclosure Collection kNFT!!
  • Immediate discount of 0.2 ETH on minting costs for the Disclosure kNFT Collection mint pack
  • 10% Staking bonus on $KNDX (Based on Variable APY. Participation Dictates APY) ie; If Current APY is 15%, + Founders Pass = 16.5% APY 
  • Stackable with boosts up to 4 kNFT Avatars (5% ea. max 20%) for $KNDX example; (*Assuming APY is @ 10%) KNDX Staked + OG founder pass (10% boost) + 4 kNFT ERC-721 (20% Boost) = 30% Boost. APY will be 13%
  • Entry into the monthly raffle for prizes!
  • Guaranteed whitelist spot available for all future Kondux created kNFT collections
  • Web3 Design Lab beta testing the Kondux ecosystem AI Avatar Cloud Engine, USD modeling & more! 


To receive these benefits you must hold a Kondux Founders Pass NFT in the same wallet you register for white lists with. If a Kondux Founder Pass NFT is not held by the same wallet when mint occurs, benefits are null. This offer does not change your free OG status kNFT. Tokenomix announcements and litepaper are out now!

The cost for OG WL Members is 0.2 $ETH

Public and all other WL Members will be able to mint the Kondux Founder Pass NFT at 0.25 $ETH

Public access for Kondux Founder Passes will be available in limited quantities at a later date

*limit one pass per wallet

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