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Pipelines for unsurpassed workflow performance

Kondux is implementing Nvidia Omniverse into our ecosystem in 2022. It is a extremely powerful 3D design collaboration platform that allows the cooperative development of assets within a scalable multi-GPU system. This empowers individuals and teams to create 3D properties in real time together! Simulations and animation sequences are rendered at the highest level of quality while streamlined in a single pipeline. The hardware and software combination is unsurpassed in its capabilities to unite a host of tools together. Digital design is just the beginning. Manufacturing, animations and so many more utilities are available from the implementation of the technology. A selection of software manufactures included in this pipeline are:

Autodesk Maya


Reallusion Character Creator & IClone

Unreal Engine

Adobe Substance 3D Materials

Maxon Cinema 4D

Trimble SketchUp

Kondux USD Universal Scene Description kNFT


Universal Scene Description is the file format that Kondux believes will be the ultimate in 3D object interchangeable graphics data. We have invested in the technology to build our assets for our creative ecosystem. The framework is based upon collaboration and non-destructive editing within multiple views. Created by Pixar it gives creators the ability to work on projects in real time with pipelines capable of producing graphic films, games and 3D models. The applications work together to form a pipeline that allow animations, fx, rendering, shading, lighting and modeling all in one workflow. The software provides a central resource tool to scale the production of 3D scenes and objects that are composed of multiple assets.

Centered around the use of USD, the opportunities provided by the file format are described here on their website. The technology was developed to enable creators to work in a pipeline that combined tool sets for reading, writing, editing and rapidly previewing 3D geometry, physics, shading and graphics related generation. Apple has adopted the system along with Unity, Autodesk and many other industry leading technology companies who have seen the value and power of the tool.

The abilities that USD provides to organize virtual assets of all types as an interchange package that can transmit between applications non-destructively makes the technology the most advanced composition engine to date. This open source project aligns with all the values Kondux has to offer the highest quality digital asset creation with the lowest taxation on system resources. The best way to truly understand the capabilities and tools the technology provides is to read Pixar’s Introduction to USD.

Common language for digital content creation

Collaborative tool for multiple artists to work simultaneously

High speed iteration editing & creation


Data Center

Facilitating the massive amount of computational power and data throughput we have entered into an agreement with AT&T to provide the service necessary to support our services. The amount of information exchanged with the Omniverse Nucleus requires robust and reliable data transfer for rendering power and services. No joke, data handling is one of the most important services needed to host Omniverse creative tools.

dApp hype is real

Kondux Design Labs dApp

At the heart of our dApp we created a suite of tools that utilize secured technology with 3D assets in a revolutionary fashion. Kondux Design Labs has created a platform that combines a set of features that empower users to view, create and deploy digital assets in a whole new way.

3D Viewport

View and customize your 3D kNFT in all dimensions

NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell and trade NFTs on our marketplace

XR Viewer

Load your 3D kNFT into the XR viewer where you can see your asset as an AR object

NFT Minter

Upload your own digital assets and create an NFT or kNFT of your own to mint

3D NFT Gallery

Connect you wallet and view NFTs in a 3D gallery environment

KONDUX kNFT Technology

Kondux kNFT DNA

Every Kondux kNFT has a DNA that is stored in the Kondux_NFT contract. The DNA is a uint256 variable in the Kondux_NFT contract. It stores the genes of the kNFT. The DNA is meant to be loaded into games or applications to provide users a unique asset, owned by the user.

The gene is a number that represents the kNFT’s attributes, directly or indirectly. A Kondux DNA has an undefined amount of genes, but it’s always a number and always fits in a 256 bits space. For example, a Kondux DNA can have up to 256 genes of 1 bit each. Or 32 genes of 8 bits each (1 byte). Or 1 gene of 4 bytes, followed by 2 genes of 1 byte, followed by 13 genes of 2 bytes. Etc.

Example of DNA:


| — — | — — | — — | — — | (…) | — — | — — | — — | — — |

| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | (…) | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | bytes

| 02 | 4e | 81 | aa | (…) | 3b | c2 | d8 | ee | genes


– 0: NFT collection

– 02 is the collection of Alien NFT

– 1: Base color

– 4e is the base color of Grey skin tone

– 2: Skin base pattern

– 81 is the base pattern of a square

– 3: Avatar size

– aa is the size of the avatar in centimeters (aa = 170 cm)


And so on up to the last gene (byte).

The DNA protocol is currently in development. There’s no official protocol or mapping yet and the DNA is not meant to be human readable.

Kondux DAO

Kondux is a decentralized system for minting NFTs in which the owner of the kNFT can use the kNFT on Omniverse. Our GitHub repository is not public at this time. The team will be reviewing the release of this information once finalized and ready for deployment.

The kNFT is stored in the Kondux_NFT contract. IT’s a ERC721 token, plus some extra capabilities:

  • The NFT attributes are stored in the DNA, a uint256 variable in the Kondux_NFT contract.
  • The NFT have a royalty reward information stored in the contract. The reward is paid to the creator or someone that holds the copyright of the NFT.

The Minter Contract is used to mint NFTs. This contract calls the Kondux_NFT contract to mint the NFT. The Minter Contract has a special function that allows owners of the Disclosure kNFT or those who are whitelisted to mint new Kondux kNFTs with special conditions (discounts, vip pass, etc).

The Authority Contract is used to manage the Kondux_NFT contract. This contract has functions that are used to control governance on all Kondux contracts. It has the following roles:

  • Governor: the account that can use administrative functions on the Kondux contracts (like “Ownable” pattern).
  • Vault: the account that will receive funds sent to the Kondux contracts.
  • Policy: account that can set business rules on the Kondux contracts.
  • Guardian: account responsible for starting governance rituals.

Class Diagram

1*NrTOwxKmhlIO8j mLGglGw

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