Kondux AI Powered Photon & Pipeline

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Revolutionizing Digital Interaction: Kondux AI Powered Photon & Kondux LLM

What does the future look like for how we will interact with AI?

Kondux is answering that question with one of the most exciting features of kNFT DNA technology, the Kondux AI Powered Photon. A feature of the Disclosure kNFT Collection, this AI technology is revolutionizing because it makes human to kNFT interaction into a unique, personalized experience.

The core purpose our AI pipeline to elevate the interaction between humans and digital entities will help us achieve our goal to set the pace into the future. Central to this innovation are the Conversate, Memory Summary, Direct Dialog, and Memory Review features, all underpinned by the groundbreaking kNFT persona baseline and the Kondux AI Powered Photon.

The Role of Kondux AI Powered Photon

The Kondux AI Powered Photon acts as a “backpack” for kNFT DNA data, serving as a directory to both on-chain and off-chain data as a container pointer. This innovative system ensures that each kNFT can access a wealth of information, making interactions more informative and enriched. Your photon will include an Avatar kNFT with a canonical compatible Persona kNFT, allowing seamless interlocking and immersion between your Persona and Avatar kNFT.

The Baseline for Each kNFT Avatar

Every kNFT avatar in Kondux’s ecosystem is built on a baseline that ensures interactive and adaptive digital experiences. This baseline not only defines the fundamental attributes and capabilities of the avatars but also sets the stage for advanced personalization and engagement through AI-driven interactions.

To maximize inoperability, an avatar exists as a skeletal shell, waiting to be controlled. The AI persona acts as the brain for your kNFTs, which, through audio2face and similar AI pipelines, aims to control and embody your kNFT avatars. 

Fun Fact: The profile picture of the Persona kNFT was created as an “add-on” to give the Persona’s unique visual representations even in 2D environments. They are made through generative art that uses the Persona’s DNA as the basis for generation!

The AI Portal

Beginning our journey through the AI portal, each Persona kNFT in your wallet is displayed by their profile picture and information from their decoded DNA and Persona such as their age, species, and name. 


The Conversate feature allows for dynamic, AI-powered conversations between users and their kNFT personas, making each interaction unique and personalized.

Memory – Direct Dialog and Summary

As of phase 1, your Persona kNFT’s memory consists of two parts: the Direct Dialog feature and the Summary feature. The Direct Dialog enhances your conversations by creating a 1:1 representation of your most recent conversation. The Memory Summary offers a succinct recap of previous interactions, allowing kNFT avatars to maintain a continuous and context-aware dialogue with users that is also conscientious of its token usage. 

Memory Review

Memory Review brings the customization to life, allowing direct review and manipulation of the AI’s memory. 

Kondux AI Powered Photon Development Phases and Kondux LLM

Currently in the R&D phase, Kondux AI Powered Photon and AI pipeline development is a testament to our commitment to innovation. The ultimate goal is to host our own Large Language Model (LLM), which will contain the “ground truth” of our AI model. Each stage of development serves as a proof of concept, demonstrating the viability and potential of our AI Pipeline to revolutionize digital interactions.

The Persona pipeline includes a Frontend AI portal and a Backend API to provide the user experience. In designing and planning these, great care was taken to define and separate what is backend and frontend functionality. As a result, the Backend API is designed to be a feature, allowing for future front end, B2B, and third-party features such as additions to the Memory Reviewer to be added in without additions required to the backend. 

We will also be exploring NVIDIA Riva, a comprehensive, GPU-accelerated AI SDK designed for creating customizable, real-time conversational AI systems, including ASR, TTS, and NMT applications. It supports multilingual speech and translation and can be deployed across various environments—clouds, data centers, edge computing, or embedded devices. As a component of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform, Riva simplifies the development and deployment of production-ready AI solutions.

If you really want to nerd out and learn more about how these models train, read this little article on NVIDIA’s site.


Future Proofing with DNA Technology & AI Powered Photon

The use of USD based kNFT DNA technology ensures that Kondux’s AI Pipeline is dynamic, secure and futureproof. By encoding the capabilities and features of kNFTs in their DNA, we pave the way for continuous evolution and improvement, keeping pace with advancements in AI and digital technology.