kNFT Utility & Design – Web3 Future Proof NFT Technology

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Kondux kNFT Utility & Design

As developers and artists we aspire to challenge ourselves with our work. The Kondux team has an insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries and we decided that the innovation we wanted to introduce needed its own category, thus the kNFT was brought into the existence!

kNFT packages are designed to evolve and meet the needs of many different secure technology applications.

What is a kNFT?

Built with a 256 bit DNA gene protocol Kondux kNFTs are designed to redefine the meaning of utility for NFTs. Updatable by metadata push via IPFS upload, they are designed to morph into countless iterations with minimal energy consumption! Owners kNFTs can view and modify their assets in our 3D Viewport & Marketplace at Kondux.io 

  • Updatable via Metadata push
  • Realtime Rendering in 3D Viewport
  • ERC-721 & ERC-1155
  • Limitlessly Modified by User

    What are the kNFT Utility functions?

Capable of taking many forms the technology is able to be deployed across a variety of environments. kNFT Technology is Dynamic NFT technology. This technology allows the kNFT to be updated with endless utility expansions. The Kondux DNA Gene Protocol is designed to be future proof and customizable in millions of unique configurations, ready for every environment.

  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Metaverse
  • Manufacturing

What are the features of the Disclosure kNFT Collection?

Each kNFT in this collection includes a base avatar and four additional assets such as armor, bio-augments, physical appearance traits, weapons or music. The variance of items and accessories for each character is randomized dependent on the avatar type and rarity. Designed as functional gaming collectables, they are custom motion rigged and rendered to the highest levels of quality.

  • Metaverse Interoperability
  • AR/VR/XR Compatible
  • Customizable in 3D Marketplace dAPP
  • Unity & Unreal Engine Gaming Ready

Read more about the Disclosure kNFT Collection here and join us on Discord.