Grey Token is now Kondux Web3 Design Lab

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Rebranding to a Web3 Design Lab is a BIG deal!

Let’s frame the conversation from the beginning by revisiting the origins of Grey Token. We wanted to create a blockchain community of extraterrestrial life & paranormal enthusiasts. With this common interest we developed NFTs, a dAPP NFT Marketplace, Sandbox Game and a user-powered Video Streaming Platform. The passion we found together can only be described as electric!

This is the feeling that sparked Kondux.

During the voyage we found ourselves as a team driven by the desire to push the boundaries to improve Web3 experiences in the Metaverse and NFT communities. We decided to harness the inspired energy and evolve with distributed technology. We see the future of Web3 development entering a new phase. A phase where access to technology and its utilities is expanding at an accelerated pace. Our vision is to create a conduit that merges creative tools with blockchain technology. Acting as a gateway for brands and artists to enter the Metaverse NFT space.

Lets address some of the most asked questions from this past week. Please feel free to respond to any topics below by making a comment. The team would greatly appreciate being able to keep information threaded for these subjects in one place and shareable to the community. Thanks!

Kondux Web3 Metaverse NFT Marketplace
Pretty neat looking X huh?

When is the Disclosure Collection kNFTs to be completed?

Simply put, we want to get it right. The development process of creating cross platform compatibility for 3D custom rigged NFTs requires a heap of testing. We also felt the Disclosure Collection NFT avatars would be best suited to be designed and minted in our own 3D NFT Marketplace dAPP. These two projects became one. We have now put our sights on Q2 2022 for launch. Once we have completed the project we will spend approximately 2–3 weeks to market the kNFT mint.

Rigged for your pleasure

When is the 3D NFT Marketplace dAPP going to be launched?

We chose to marry the dApp launch and NFT drop into one project. We felt the best way to showcase the technologies was as a package. Launching these projects combined will allow us to fully display our 3D NFTs inside of an environment that facilitates high interoperability NFTs. We chose to enhance the UI/UX of kNFT ownership and reimagine what a 3D NFT Marketplace can be in Web3.

What kind of token utilities are being added to the ecosystem?

Staking rewards for $KNDX are being built into our tokenomics model. We want to incentivize how our holders invest their tokens within our ecosystem that benefits our community as whole. We are actively working on how we calculate the emission rates for rewards and will be announcing finalized details on the inner workings once we have them completed.

Incorporating the expanded token utility into our new tokenomics model meant working with multiple ERC-20 developers. Coordinating this project initiative is starting during Q2 2022 once we have completed the Marketplace dApp and NFT launch.

What is happening to the Grey Token as a brand?

We aren’t stopping Grey Lore. The inspiration hasn’t gone anywhere. The story is alive and well with our Disclosure NFT collection and Metaverse game “Underworld”(coming April 2022 Sandbox). We will continue to build this brand as our own and will be actively nurturing the community that has supported us from day one. Be on the lookout for some sneaky peeks at what we are building for gaming experiences based upon Grey Lore!

When is CoinGecko, Etherscan and CoinMarketCap going to be updated?

We submitted the changes to Etherscan; this platform is now current with Kondux information with additions to be made as needed.

Our profile changes have been completed on CoinGecko. Check the listing and please star us! Thanks!

The CoinMarketCap profile updates require more detailed attention than the prior two platforms. Getting the correct tags associated with the project necessitate an investigation and evidence submission process. We are assembling the content needed to earn these tags and will update the community as progress occurs. Tags are a vital piece to our listing strategy and are a focus to get right the first time we submit to the CMC.

Wen Marketing?

Marketing is happening now. We are in talks with potential partners who will want to leverage our dApp technology. Our NFT mint will be supported by a digital marketing campaign based on YouTube and Twitter. Setting up the campaigns is actively in process and the deployment of the ad sets will start approximately 2–3 weeks prior to the NFT minting.

The new website is designed with SEO in mind. We now have some key metrics in focus to track to enhance performance for our online presence. This effort takes time and a well thought our technical strategy. Information regarding our projects will be funneled into our site so we can really get to know who our audience is and what they are looking at. This is going to change how we market our brand and services.

Our Sandbox game “Underworld” will be launching in *April 2022 when the platform fully releases it’s access for developed games. This property in the Metaverse is going to generate a lot of traffic, and is designed to build brand awareness for Kondux and the Grey Lore brand. This project was a major effort by our team and we are very proud of it (even if it’s not an NFT). This is marketing. Built by our own in-house Sandbox certified development team we hope you all will experience the adventure with us!

We love what we do and truly appreciate all the support the community has given us since we launched last year. We’ve made a huge amount of progress to build to where we are today and cannot wait to keep moving into the unknown with you all this year.

*Sandbox Game has not made the platform available unfortunately, updates when available!