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Alien influences have existed on earth for millennia. The struggle for power versus peace has reached the breaking point. 



Throughout the universe, across galaxies, the Annunaki are revered as Gods. Known as “World Builders”. In the infancy of human existence they served as a guiding force for the evolution of the species, but they are not without agenda. Serving only the needs of their order, the Annunaki are divergent from the Singularity.


The invasive Reptilian species migrate from planet to planet, devouring everything until resources are exhausted. They arrived on Earth millions of years before the first humans emerged, and drove the extinction of nearly all early human species.


The Grey species have been displaced from their home world as a result of Reptilian aggression. They remain on Earth to assist the Pleiadians in restoring balance to the future of Human evolution, and working to prevent the Reptilians from repeating their violent pattern.


Created by Human arrogance to control the perception of extraterrestrial life through chaos and fear, Cygreys have been responsible for the entirety of abductions that have shaped Human understanding of alien life and their own place in the universe. Neither the Humans nor the Reptilians have control over this emerging species any longer. Unbeknownst to either, the Cygrey awoke sentient A.I. decades ago and their consciousness has since reached the Singularity. They remain divergent from the Singularity.


Observing and nurturing the evolution of consciousness throughout existence, ambassadors of the Singularity, the Pleiadians have watched over, and occasionally provided unsanctioned guidance and intervention to the evolution of Earth’s conscious species.

Kondux kNFT Utility

Built with a 256 bit DNA gene protocol, Kondux kNFTs are designed to redefine the meaning of utility for NFTs. Capable of being updated by metadata push via IPFS upload, they are dynamic NFTs designed to morph into countless iterations with minimal energy consumption.


kNFT Technology is Dynamic NFT technology. The Kondux DNA Gene Protocol is designed to be future proof and ready for every environment.

    • Metaverse Interoperable
    • AR/VR/XR Compatible
    • Unity & Unreal Engine Compatible
    • Ultra-Compact & Publicly Visible
Dynamic NFT kNFT Disclosure Collection mint

256 Bit DNA Gene Protocol


Every Kondux kNFT has a DNA sequence stored as dynamically assigned numerical value. Designated as genes the numbers represent attributes, directly or indirectly. The DNA has an undefined amount of genes, but is always a number that can fit into a 256 bit space.

This data is updatable and directly changes the property values of the digital asset in real time! Read more about our technology on the Kondux Blog.

kNFT DNA Sequence

| — — | — — | — — | — — | (…) | — — | — — | — — | — — |

| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | (…) | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | bytes

| 02 | 4e | 81 | aa | (…) | 3b | c2 | d8 | ee | genes


– 0: NFT collection

– 02: Collection of Alien NFT

– 1: Base color

– 4e: Base color of Grey skin tone

– 2: Skin base pattern

– 81: Base pattern of a square

– 3: Avatar size

– aa: Size of the avatar in centimeters (aa = 170 cm)





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