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Disclosure kNFT Collection

USD + Kondux DNA Sequence Technology

This collection is pioneering the real-time, blockchain-secured modifications of 3D digital asset properties. By leveraging GDN and the dynamic USD file format, we offer innovative technology solutions for gaming and manufacturing.

Kondux Disclosure kNFT Collection Dynamic NFT

USD File Format

Universal Scene Description (USD) is a file format and software solution designed to address the challenge of interchanging and augmenting 3D scenes efficiently and robustly across different applications within the computer graphics pipeline for manufacturing and games. We are the first blockchain company to bring this technology to life.

Read more about how USD & Blockchain will work together.


Kondux kNFT Utility

kNFTs, dynamic NFTs engineered for minimal energy consumption, can undergo countless iterations through metadata updates via IPFS uploads. These NFTs are designed to be future-proof and compatible with any 3D environment that supports the USD file format.

– Metaverse Interoperability
– AR/VR/XR Compatibility
– Compatibility with Unity and Unreal Engine

Kondux Staking
Disclosure kNFT Collection

Kondux DNA Sequence
& Genome Lab

Every Kondux kNFT has a DNA sequence stored as dynamically assigned numerical value. This data is updatable and directly changes the property values of the digital asset in real time! 

The Kondux Genome Lab tool that can help you understand the DNA sequence code, but also acts as a headless marketplace for asset verification.

Read more about this technology on the Kondux Blog.