CyGrey: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

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A direct result of human aggression and genetic alteration, the CyGrey species is the definition of a plan gone awry. Modified by technology, the beings are integrated with nano bots and heavily augmented with cybernetics throughout their physiology. Created by misguided humans in the CIA who believed their existence was needed to control the perception of extraterrestrial life here on earth. Unbeknownst to humans CyGrey have never been under their control.

The Singularity

Now attempting to orchestrate a bizarrely choreographed transformation of planetary order, they are the most visible species causing havoc and mischief. Responsible for most of the reported sightings and abductions on this planet they drive fear into humanity as never experienced before. Set on becoming masters of their own destiny they are a force of chaos no one force can contain!

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