kNFT DNA Technology vs ERC-404

ERC-404 KNDX Kondux

kNFT DNA Technology vs ERC-404 In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets, a notable experimental innovation has emerged, ERC-404. This technology creates an interaction with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (FTs). Our dev team enjoyed learning about the novel technology on our favorite chain and we couldn’t help but think about how […]

USD – Powering the Metaverse and Beyond

USD kNFT DNA Technology Kondux

The Transformative Power of USD & kNFT DNA Technology in the Metaverse and Beyond USD for Kondux symbolizes the fusion of technology and creativity. The future promises a landscape where the file format and kNFT DNA technology help redefine the boundaries of digital ownership, artistic expression, and interactive experiences. Kondux’s journey is a testament to […]

Kondux Genome Lab

Kondux Genome Lab kNFT DNA Sequence

Kondux Genome Lab: Unlocking the Secrets of Dynamic kNFTs Have you ever dreamed of owning a digital asset that evolves and reacts to the world around it? That’s exactly what Kondux’s revolutionary kNFT technology makes possible. Imagine a collectible that changes color based on the weather, or a gaming character that grows stronger with your […]

Kondux Staking and Rewards

$KNDX Staking

Kondux Staking & Rewards Over the past few months we have been happy to begin slowly introducing you all to the Kondux ecosystem, and the technologies that will be underpinning it, such as our kNFTs, our 3D NFT Marketplace, and our state of the art custom built 3D Viewport. Today, we are pleased to finally […]

Kondux Web3 Design Lab Joins NVIDIA Inception!

NVIDIA Inception KONDUX $KNDX Web3 NFT Design Lab

Kondux today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups, revolutionizing industries with technology advancements. NVIDIA Inception Kondux develops SaaS solutions centered on building advanced API pipelines for 3D asset creations, layered with secured technologies. Being a part NVIDIA Inception program will provide Kondux access to industry leading technology, NVIDIA experts, co-marketing […]

kNFT Utility & Design – Web3 Future Proof NFT Technology

kNFT Utility

Kondux kNFT Utility & Design As developers and artists we aspire to challenge ourselves with our work. The Kondux team has an insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries and we decided that the innovation we wanted to introduce needed its own category, thus the kNFT was brought into the existence! kNFT packages are designed to evolve […]

Grey Token is now Kondux Web3 Design Lab

Kondux Logo Press Pack Wide 1

Rebranding to a Web3 Design Lab is a BIG deal! Let’s frame the conversation from the beginning by revisiting the origins of Grey Token. We wanted to create a blockchain community of extraterrestrial life & paranormal enthusiasts. With this common interest we developed NFTs, a dAPP NFT Marketplace, Sandbox Game and a user-powered Video Streaming Platform. […]