Disclosure kNFT Collection


The First kNFT Series in the Kondux Ecosystem The Disclosure kNFT Collection was designed to showcase a series of groundbreaking technology innovations with OpenUSD & NVIDIA Omniverse. It is the first kNFT collection to use our lightweight data exchange protocol using our Kondux DNA Sequence & USD file format.  Composed of the ERC-721 token standard […]

Introducing the Powerful $KNDX Staking System: A Step-by-Step Guide

Kondux Staking Guide $KNDX

$KNDX Staking Options and Boosting Rewards The Kondux Staking System is the foundational layer of the Kondux Ecosystem, and we are excited to roll it out to our users. With the Kondux Staking System, you can stake your $KNDX tokens and earn rewards.  Here is the portal and how it works: – You can stake […]

The Powerful Kondux Staking Protocol: Boost Earnings 35% $KNDX & $HELIX Rewards

Kondux Staking Protocol $KNDX

Welcome to the next generation of DeFi staking with the Kondux Staking Protocol! The innovative Kondux Staking Protocol allows you to maximize your earnings by staking your $KNDX ERC20 tokens, in exchange for $KNDX and $HELIX ERC20 rewards. With flexible locking periods and added bonuses for NFT & kNFT holders, this guide will walk you […]

Kondux Founder Pass NFT

Kondux Founder Pass NFT

Kondux Founder Pass NFT As an owner of the KONDUX FOUNDER PASS NFT you will receive a series of exclusive benefits within the $KNDX ecosystem. This unique opportunity is available to only 175 people who mint the pass! OpenSea https://kondux.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/FounderPassRework.mp4 Kondux Founder Pass NFT FREE Disclosure Collection kNFT 10% Staking bonus on $KNDX (Based on Variable APY. Participation […]