VFX Pipelines in NVIDIA Omniverse

Kondux VFX Pipelines

Embracing the Future of Visual Effects: VFX Pipelines in NVIDIA Omniverse with Blockchain Integration The integration of VFX pipelines within NVIDIA Omniverse, enhanced by Ethereum smart contracts and supported by GDN, offers a transformative platform for digital asset management and creation. This approach not only pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in digital content creation […]

OpenUSD + Ethereum = Ultimate Winning Combo

Kondux Linking Ethereum and OpenUSD

Unleashing the Power of OpenUSD in the Ethereum Ecosystem What are the benefits of combining OpenUSD with Ethereum you ask? The Kondux ecosystem is designed using these two building blocks of technology together to redefine digital utility. Combining USD (Universal Scene Description) with Ethereum smart contracts introduces a unique convergence of 3D asset management and […]

USDZ & Kondux USD kNFT DNA AR/VR Integration

USDZ kNFT Kondux

Interoperability for AR/VR & USDZ The Kondux team’s strategic embrace of USD & USDZ technology began in 2022 when we discovered the power and efficiency of the format while working with NVIDIA technology. It just made sense for us to use as we entered into the NVIDIA Inception Program. A major part of our ecosystem […]