Annunaki: The Disclosure kNFT Collection


The Order of Annunaki A highly evolved and extremely advanced technological species, the Annunaki are worshiped as “World Builders”. Responsible for thousands of ancient civilizations, they are revered as Gods across the galaxy by thousands of planetary cultures. Operating on pure logic, their emotions are deeply masked and often take actions that defy human understanding. […]

The Kondux kNFT Report

Kondux Logo Press Pack Wide 2

The Kondux Report kNFT Launch Timing is everything. Tremendous progress has been made on the Disclosure kNFT Collection over Q2 in 2022. We have elevated the quality of the art and motion capabilities of the assets greatly during past month. Setting up for successful product launches takes months of planning and strategizing. At this time […]

kNFT Utility & Design – Web3 Future Proof NFT Technology

kNFT Utility

Kondux kNFT Utility & Design As developers and artists we aspire to challenge ourselves with our work. The Kondux team has an insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries and we decided that the innovation we wanted to introduce needed its own category, thus the kNFT was brought into the existence! kNFT packages are designed to evolve […]

Reptilian: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Reptilian Disclosure kNFT Collection

Reptilian For centuries the invasive species of Reptilians have infiltrated Earth to gain the positions of power necessary to create their ideal world order.  A culture built on greed and fear they move planet to planet across the galaxy taking the resources they seek by any means. They will exhaust a civilization until there is […]

CyGrey: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

CyGrey Disclosure kNFT Collection

CyGrey A direct result of human aggression and genetic alteration, the CyGrey species is the definition of a plan gone awry. Modified by technology, the beings are integrated with nano bots and heavily augmented with cybernetics throughout their physiology. Created by misguided humans in the CIA who believed their existence was needed to control the […]

Pleiadians: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Pleiadians Disclosure kNFT Collection

Pleiadians Watching over the human race as they navigate their journey of awareness and intellectual growth in the vast expanse of time, space and dimensions. Pleiadian historians such as Confucius, Malcom X, Jesus and many more have been granted the abilities to be leaders toward the light, guiding the human species. Deeply rooted throughout history […]

Grey: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Grey The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Grey Seeking to create harmony and balance for life in our universe. Advanced technologically and intellectually beyond human comprehension, the species once existed in great numbers across the galaxy. Sadly they now are but few in numbers. Violently forced from their home-world on Kepler-1652b by Reptilien invaders, they now secretly inhabit earth working to protect […]