CyGrey: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

CyGrey Disclosure kNFT Collection

CyGrey A direct result of human aggression and genetic alteration, the CyGrey species is the definition of a plan gone awry. Modified by technology, the beings are integrated with nano bots and heavily augmented with cybernetics throughout their physiology. Created by misguided humans in the CIA who believed their existence was needed to control the […]

Pleiadians: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Pleiadians Disclosure kNFT Collection

Pleiadians Watching over the human race as they navigate their journey of awareness and intellectual growth in the vast expanse of time, space and dimensions. Pleiadian historians such as Confucius, Malcom X, Jesus and many more have been granted the abilities to be leaders toward the light, guiding the human species. Deeply rooted throughout history […]

Grey: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Grey The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Grey Seeking to create harmony and balance for life in our universe. Advanced technologically and intellectually beyond human comprehension, the species once existed in great numbers across the galaxy. Sadly they now are but few in numbers. Violently forced from their home-world on Kepler-1652b by Reptilien invaders, they now secretly inhabit earth working to protect […]