kNFT DNA Technology vs ERC-404

ERC-404 KNDX Kondux

kNFT DNA Technology vs ERC-404 In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets, a notable experimental innovation has emerged, ERC-404. This technology creates an interaction with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (FTs). Our dev team enjoyed learning about the novel technology on our favorite chain and we couldn’t help but think about how […]

kNFT Disclosure Collection Mint Roadmap

kNFT Minting

The Roadmap to kNFT Minting Our dev team have four major agenda items taking center stage leading up to our first kNFT mint this March 2024: DNA Keys, 3D Viewport, AI Powered Integration and Blockchain Minting Verification. This article is intended to catch the community up with our accomplishments and roadmap towards mint!  DNA Keys: […]

USD – Powering the Metaverse and Beyond

USD kNFT DNA Technology Kondux

The Transformative Power of USD & kNFT DNA Technology in the Metaverse and Beyond USD for Kondux symbolizes the fusion of technology and creativity. The future promises a landscape where the file format and kNFT DNA technology help redefine the boundaries of digital ownership, artistic expression, and interactive experiences. Kondux’s journey is a testament to […]

USDZ & Kondux USD kNFT DNA AR/VR Integration

USDZ kNFT Kondux

Interoperability for AR/VR & USDZ The Kondux team’s strategic embrace of USD & USDZ technology began in 2022 when we discovered the power and efficiency of the format while working with NVIDIA technology. It just made sense for us to use as we entered into the NVIDIA Inception Program. A major part of our ecosystem […]

Kondux Genome Lab

Kondux Genome Lab kNFT DNA Sequence

Kondux Genome Lab: Unlocking the Secrets of Dynamic kNFTs Have you ever dreamed of owning a digital asset that evolves and reacts to the world around it? That’s exactly what Kondux’s revolutionary kNFT technology makes possible. Imagine a collectible that changes color based on the weather, or a gaming character that grows stronger with your […]

Limited 1st MINT: Disclosure kNFT Collection

Dynamic NFT kNFT Disclosure Collection mint

DISCLOSURE kNFT COLLECTION Unveiling the Inaugural Collection: The Disclosure Collection As we embark on a groundbreaking chapter, the Disclosure kNFT Collection mint stands as the premier kNFT collection to grace the Kondux ecosystem. Beyond being a testament to our innovation, this launch serves as a compelling proof of concept, spotlighting the pinnacle of our achievements […]

Annunaki: The Disclosure kNFT Collection


The Order of Annunaki A highly evolved and extremely advanced technological species, the Annunaki are worshiped as “World Builders”. Responsible for thousands of ancient civilizations, they are revered as Gods across the galaxy by thousands of planetary cultures. Operating on pure logic, their emotions are deeply masked and often take actions that defy human understanding. […]

The Kondux kNFT Report

Kondux Logo Press Pack Wide 2

The Kondux Report kNFT Launch Timing is everything. Tremendous progress has been made on the Disclosure kNFT Collection over Q2 in 2022. We have elevated the quality of the art and motion capabilities of the assets greatly during past month. Setting up for successful product launches takes months of planning and strategizing. At this time […]

kNFT Utility & Design – Web3 Future Proof NFT Technology

kNFT Utility

Kondux kNFT Utility & Design As developers and artists we aspire to challenge ourselves with our work. The Kondux team has an insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries and we decided that the innovation we wanted to introduce needed its own category, thus the kNFT was brought into the existence! kNFT packages are designed to evolve […]

Reptilian: The Disclosure kNFT Collection

Reptilian Disclosure kNFT Collection

Reptilian For centuries the invasive species of Reptilians have infiltrated Earth to gain the positions of power necessary to create their ideal world order.  A culture built on greed and fear they move planet to planet across the galaxy taking the resources they seek by any means. They will exhaust a civilization until there is […]