AI Powered Portal & Personas Update

AI Powered Kondux Token

AI Powered Portal & Personas The team has been hard at work implementing, expanding and testing the capabilities of our AI-powered platform this past week. The complexities of deployment are nearing the point where when the portal is launched, the vision of the Kondux ecosystem will be further realized for our community to enjoy and […]

VFX Pipelines in NVIDIA Omniverse

Kondux VFX Pipelines

Embracing the Future of Visual Effects: VFX Pipelines in NVIDIA Omniverse with Blockchain Integration The integration of VFX pipelines within NVIDIA Omniverse, enhanced by Ethereum smart contracts and supported by GDN, offers a transformative platform for digital asset management and creation. This approach not only pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in digital content creation […]

Disclosure kNFT Collection


The First kNFT Series in the Kondux Ecosystem The Disclosure kNFT Collection was designed to showcase a series of groundbreaking technology innovations with OpenUSD & NVIDIA Omniverse. It is the first kNFT collection to use our lightweight data exchange protocol using our Kondux DNA Sequence & USD file format.  Composed of the ERC-721 token standard […]

Kondux Security Protocol for 3D Asset Management & Creation

Kondux Security Protocol

Kondux Security Protocol The demand for efficient, secure, and collaborative 3D asset management has never been higher for gaming, entertainment, and manufacturing sectors. The time and value invested into the creation of 3D assets needs to be protected and kept secure. Kondux solves this problem for many industries that use high value 3D assets secured […]

kNFT Utility: GameFi & Manufacturing


kNFT Utility: GameFi & Manufacturing The gaming industry is expected to grow over $500 billion by 2030. The team at Kondux and many more (like yourselves) believe the role of NFTs may push the market even further. Our dev team has designed kNFT utility to be dynamic and to leverage technologies like NVIDIA Omniverse, Universal […]

Kondux AI Powered Photon & Pipeline

Kondux AI Powered Photon

Revolutionizing Digital Interaction: Kondux AI Powered Photon & Kondux LLM What does the future look like for how we will interact with AI? Kondux is answering that question with one of the most exciting features of kNFT DNA technology, the Kondux AI Powered Photon. A feature of the Disclosure kNFT Collection, this AI technology is […]

kNFT DNA Technology vs ERC-404

ERC-404 KNDX Kondux

kNFT DNA Technology vs ERC-404 In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets, a notable experimental innovation has emerged, ERC-404. This technology creates an interaction with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (FTs). Our dev team enjoyed learning about the novel technology on our favorite chain and we couldn’t help but think about how […]

USD – Powering the Metaverse and Beyond

OpenUSD-Hydra-RenderingUSD kNFT DNA Technology Kondux

The Transformative Power of USD & kNFT DNA Technology in the Metaverse and Beyond USD for Kondux symbolizes the fusion of technology and creativity. The future promises a landscape where the file format and kNFT DNA technology help redefine the boundaries of digital ownership, artistic expression, and interactive experiences. Kondux’s journey is a testament to […]

USDZ & Kondux USD kNFT DNA AR/VR Integration

USDZ kNFT Kondux

Interoperability for AR/VR & USDZ The Kondux team’s strategic embrace of USD & USDZ technology began in 2022 when we discovered the power and efficiency of the format while working with NVIDIA technology. It just made sense for us to use as we entered into the NVIDIA Inception Program. A major part of our ecosystem […]