Kondux GDN: The Power of Graphics Delivery Network


NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud: The Power of GDN Kondux is unlocking a new era of immersive experiences by joining forces with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud, Graphics Delivery Network (GDN). We’re one of the first blockchain businesses to leverage this powerhouse and it’s set to transform our 3D Viewport, Marketplace, and future gaming ventures. Forget about powerful PCs […]

Kondux Litepaper 2024

Kondux Genome Lab kNFT DNA Sequence

  1.1 Intent Of This Paper   This litepaper presents an in-depth look at Kondux, a pioneering blockchain-based Web3 virtual design lab. Our goal is to unveil the transformative potential of Kondux’s Web3 SaaS technology, showcasing how our blockchain solutions can revolutionize past, current, and future business domains. Focused on providing a clear overview, this […]

The Powerful Kondux Staking Protocol: Boost Earnings 35% $KNDX & $HELIX Rewards

Kondux Staking Protocol $KNDX

Welcome to the next generation of DeFi staking with the Kondux Staking Protocol! The innovative Kondux Staking Protocol allows you to maximize your earnings by staking your $KNDX ERC20 tokens, in exchange for $KNDX and $HELIX ERC20 rewards. With flexible locking periods and added bonuses for NFT & kNFT holders, this guide will walk you […]

Kondux Founder Pass NFT

Kondux Founder Pass NFT

Kondux Founder Pass NFT As an owner of the KONDUX FOUNDER PASS NFT you will receive a series of exclusive benefits within the $KNDX ecosystem. This unique opportunity is available to only 175 people who mint the pass! OpenSea https://kondux.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/FounderPassRework.mp4 Kondux Founder Pass NFT FREE Disclosure Collection kNFT 10% Staking bonus on $KNDX (Based on Variable APY. Participation […]

Kondux Re-launch & $KNDX Token Migration


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW   $KNDX Token Migration   The time has come for the $KNDX token migration to a new contract. The project has been exploding on the scene these past weeks and as we relaunch the Kondux we are confident the momentum will continue to build! We have some important changes to […]

Team Finance Hack $KNDX Whitehat Exploit | Token Migration

Team Finance Hack $KNDX Whitehat Liquidity Returned

Team Finance Hack The $KNDX Whitehat Team Finance Hack this past week was a challenging time for everyone in the Kondux community. An exploit was exposed by a whitehat on Team Finance’s smart contracts that was used for locking the project’s liquidity treasury wallet. The situation has been resolved and we are now focused on […]

Kondux Web3 Design Lab Joins NVIDIA Inception!

NVIDIA Inception KONDUX $KNDX Web3 NFT Design Lab

Kondux today announced it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups, revolutionizing industries with technology advancements. NVIDIA Inception Kondux develops SaaS solutions centered on building advanced API pipelines for 3D asset creations, layered with secured technologies. Being a part NVIDIA Inception program will provide Kondux access to industry leading technology, NVIDIA experts, co-marketing […]

$KNDX OG Whitelist Benefits

OG Whitelist Kondux $KNDX

OG Whitelist Kondux Holder Rewards OG $KNDX holders will be awarded one FREE kNFT mint package from the 3D kNFT Disclosure Collection. This package includes the DNA data for one ERC-721 3D avatar and up to four ERC-1155 traits or accessories. Viewable in our breakthrough 3D NFT Viewport in our upcoming 3D NFT Marketplace dApp, you […]

Project Wallet Updates $KNDX

Blog Graphics 02

Wallet Allocation Updates Inpreparation for upcoming development the project wallets have been finalized for the next phase of operations. View Kondux wallets here on Etherscan. As the team establishes the tokenomics for the upcoming kNFT collection and builds the foundation of the overall ecosystem for $KNDX, the changes were implemented to best serve the budgetary […]