AI Powered Portal & Personas Update

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AI Powered Kondux Token

AI Powered Portal & Personas

The team has been hard at work implementing, expanding and testing the capabilities of our AI-powered platform this past week. The complexities of deployment are nearing the point where when the portal is launched, the vision of the Kondux ecosystem will be further realized for our community to enjoy and share. The Disclosure kNFT Collection will be the first of it’s kind to ever utilize the advanced tools AI can provide to create enhanced interactions and engagement for users. The possibilities are nearly endless as we enter into a new era of Kondux. 

AI Powered Platform and Infrastructure Enhancements Updates:

Resolved Dependency Issues:

   We have successfully resolved the Moralis dependency issues by removing the Moralis SDK and introducing some strategic refactoring. This has streamlined our backend processes, ensuring smooth operations and improved stability across the platform.

Robust API Deployment Pipeline:

   Our new API deployment pipeline is now operational and actively being used to test new integrations. This development facilitates quicker feature rollouts and minimizes disruptions, enhancing your upcoming user experience. All the key features for chatting with your AI companion have been securely hosted and integrated into our deployment, include its personality, memory, and metadata. With the completion of these tasks, the API is simply one piece of hosting away from being completely stateless. 

These components are undergoing extensive testing and have already begun to demonstrate robust performance and reliability, ready to support your needs effectively. Our developers are more than just a little excited to reveal this technology to kNFT owners as it brings a complexity of technology not seen before on any NFT collection.

Continuous Integration and Refactoring:

Our development team is diligently working on hosting the remaining piece of our platform crucial for maintaining state preservation during user interactions. This involves the creation of a quick deserialization and robust serialization process that will allow for cloud communication of the final piece of the API.

Features Update: AI Powered Personas

Our AI Powered Persona feature will enhance user interactions within multiple environments. This feature will personalize the interaction between users and their kNFT avatars with unique AI-driven personas based on the psychological profiles and preferences of users. 

Implementation Steps:

  – Continuous Development: The AI pipeline is designed to progress based on ongoing interactions and feedback, with features and development following closely with user input. 

– Advanced AI Powered Integration Features:

  – Interactive Dialogue System: Utilizing LLM capabilities to facilitate realistic and engaging conversations that enhance narrative depth and personal connection.

  – Context-Aware Responses and Emotional Intelligence: Ensuring avatars react appropriately to various scenarios and can detect and respond to the user’s emotional state.

AI Powered Benefits

– Increased Engagement and Personalization: These personas make user interactions more meaningful, potentially increasing game retention rates and enhancing the personal connection to the game world.

– Privacy and Scalability: We adhere strictly to privacy regulations and design our systems to be scalable, managing a large number of users without performance degradation.

Looking Forward

With backend updates nearing completion and the introduction of AI personas, we are set to enter a new phase of enhanced user engagement.

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to reach out with feedback or questions. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of what AI can do together!