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Kondux Roadmap

Embrace new technology and ideas to evolve.


Initial Setup Minting

Phase 1. Initial Setup & Minting

kNFT Bundle Composition: When minted, each kNFT bundle will contain:

  • 1 Avatar kNFT
  • 1 Item kNFT
  • 1 Armor kNFT
  • 1 Persona kNFT
  • A.I. Interaction: Launch of the A.I. Portal for kNFT communication
  • Memory Customization: Introduction of the Memory reviewer for Persona kNFT memory tailoring

Phase 2. 3D Viewport Implementation

  • Viewport Development: Final development and implementation of the 3D viewport into the platform
  • User Interaction: Features to allow users to view and interact with their kNFTs in a 3D environment


3D Viewport Implementation


Kondux AI

Phase 3. Kondux AI Enhancements

  • AI Backbone: Final development and integration of the Custom Kondux A.I. LLM Backbone
  • Memory Enhancement: Integration of the Kondux Summarizer Backbone for improved kNFT memory recall

Phase 4. Public Access Integration

  • API Release: Public availability of the backend Persona API with comprehensive developer documentation
  • Image Customization: Feature to modify the Persona kNFTs image using different generative algorithms without data loss
  • Collaborative Projects: Support for B2B and P2P projects to create custom kNFT collections


Public Integration


Kondux Marketplace

Phase 5. Kondux Marketplace, Renting & Helix Utility

  • Marketplace Setup: Development and launch of the Kondux Marketplace platform
  • Listing & Trading: Features to list, buy, sell, and trade all types of kNFTs (Avatar, Item, Armor, Persona)
  • Renting kNFTs: Introduction of a system to rent out kNFTs to other users
  • Helix Token Utility:
  • Modify various aspects of all kNFTs
  • Purchase designated consumable or limited usage items
  • Facilitate transactions related to kNFT modifications and enhancements
  • User Profiles: Creation of user profiles with kNFT collections, rental histories, and transaction records

Phase 6. Metaverse & Advanced Integrations

  • kNFT LINK: Capability to associate a persona kNFT with a fully articulated avatar kNFT
  • NVIDIA Integration: Incorporation of NVIDIA Nemo and Riva for advanced speech and language functionalities
  • Omniverse Features: Integration of Omniverse Audio2Face, Audio2Emotion, & Audio2Gesture for enhanced audio-visual interactions with kNFT LINK
  • Gaming Environment Integration:
  • Unreal Engine Connector: Availability of connectors to seamlessly integrate kNFTs into Unreal Engine gaming environments
  • Unity Connector: Availability of connectors to seamlessly integrate kNFTs into Unity gaming environments


Metaverse Advanced Integrations


Kondux Litepaper 2024

Kondux Litepaper

This litepaper presents an in-depth look at Kondux, a pioneering blockchain-based Web3 design lab. Our goal is to unveil the transformative potential of Kondux’s Web3 SaaS technology,

$KNDX Staking
& Rewards

The Kondux Staking System is the foundational layer of the Kondux Ecosystem, and we’re excited to roll it out to our users. With the Kondux Staking System, you can stake your $KNDX tokens and earn rewards. 

nv inception community member fb instagram template.001

NVIDIA Inception Program

Kondux is proud to be a part of the NVIDIA Inception program. It will provide Kondux access to industry leading technology, NVIDIA experts, co-marketing support and opportunities to connect with venture capitalists. The hardware and software related to NVIDIA Omniverse will provide the tools needed to implement advanced API connections for the creation of interoperable 3D assets, manufacturing models, and machine learning applications. All these technologies will be layered as secured digital assets providing ownership protection at the highest levels. The program will also offer Kondux the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

Persona A.I. Phase Map

PHASE 1 - Mint

Q1 2024

  • Fully-built Persona kNFTs minted, included in our kNFT bundles
  • A.I. Portal on our dApp where you can chat with your Persona kNFT
  • Memory reviewer where you can customize what in your kNFTs memory

PHASE 2 - Kondux Backbones

Q1 2024

  • Custom Kondux A.I. LLM Backbone
  • Custom Kondux Summarizer Backbone to improve NFTs memory

PHASE 3 - Public Integration

Q2 2024

  • Public release of our backend API with developer docs allowing developers to implement the kNFTs into any front end or HTTP node, such as Unreal, Unity, Web, and USD/Omniverse
  • A.I. Portal integration into 3d viewport
  • Ability to change your Persona kNFTs image to use a different generative algorithm in a nondestructive manner
  • Buisness2Buisness and Peer2Peer project support to build custom kNFT collections

PHASE 4 - Full Metaverse

Q4 2024

  • kNFT LINK: Intoducing the ability to link a persona kNFT with a fully rigged avatar kNFT
  • NVIDIA Nemo and Riva integration for speech recognition, language translation, and text to speech – enabling real time audio conversations with your kNFT
  • Omniverse Audio2Face, Audio2Emotion, and Audio2Gesture integration, allowing real time audio conversations with your kNFT LINK with facial sync and realistic visual feedback


Kondux is an Ethereum ERC-20 token. The $KNDX ecosystem functions to provide technical services for the creation of modular Web3 environments and assets. We are continually expanding the utility features of our token and are exploring incentivized staking and vault features designed to reward the owner.

Our tokenomics philosophy:

  • Lightest Taxation on System Resources Possible
  • Highest Quality User Experience
  • Personal Ownership of Data

Founders Pass NFT

Grants exclusive access to:
Only 0.25 $ETH!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section will continually have additions as the project expands. If you still have more questions about the projects underway please join our Discord community for more info and updates.

How do I buy and sell $KNDX
  1. Download the Metamask application or other wallet of choice
  2. Fund the wallet with Ethereum via exchange  such as Coinbase or Binance. Connect your Metamask wallet in Uniswap to exchange $ETH for $KNDX
  3. Go to UniSwap App Click here.
    Click on Select Token
    select token
  4. Import the Kondux Contract address.
    KNDX Contract: 0x7CA5af5bA3472AF6049F63c1AbC324475D44EFC1
    select token 1
  5. Import $KNDX in Uniswap to start the swap. Make sure Decimal is set to 9. Open settings and set the slippage to 3% and turn off the auto router to ensure you transaction goes through smoothly. Click here to BUY now.
  6. Join our Discord for any support you may need by opening up a help ticket! 

import KNDX

What is a kNFT?

An open gene DNA protocol. Read about the details here on our blog

• ERC-721 translated meta data

• Unique attributes are stored on-chain

• No IPFS or remote off-chain storage

• Ultra-compact and always public

• Mix DNA and breed new kNFTs

What is NVIDIA Omniverse?

NVIDIA Omniverse is an advanced API pipeline capable of creating connections between some of the most powerful design  software suites available. Research on how the platform is revolutionary for workflows here.

What is NVIDIA Inception?

The NVIDIA Inception program designed to help startups evolve faster through access to cutting-edge technology and NVIDIA experts, opportunities to connect with venture capitalists, and co-marketing support to heighten visibility.

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Contract Address:


Meet The Kondux Krew



Project Manager

Senior program manager, co-founder and principal concept creator, he is our hardware leader for creating networks and implementing new technology. The glue that binds us together as a team and keeps our projects on track.

LynAvatarHeadshot 1


Senior Developer

Lead Project Developer and the genius behind our upcoming A.I. tech stack, Lyn boasts a diverse expertise from RNNs to LLMs and reinforcement learning. Transitioning from a chemical engineer to developing A.I.s predicting material properties, their innovation knows no bounds. Instrumental in the creation of the Persona kNFTs pipeline, Lyn’'s knack for streamlining product development has propelled us to new horizons. A transformative figure in our team, Lyn’'s journey and contributions are a testament to their adaptability and forward-thinking approach.



Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer, with 10+ years of coding experience, there is nothing that he cannot do. A kid at heart, he is always coming up with the craziest ideas! Favorite philosophy when faced with a coding challange: "It's just data."


Mr. Blue

Creative Director

A lifelong artist with nearly 2 decades of creative experience, our 3D visual artist and animator is proficient in Blender and Adobe Suite. He is one of our principal content creators and founding members of the team.



Front End Creative

Seasoned Front-End Developer and Graphic Designer with 14+ years' experience, specializing in UI design and color theory. Renowned for creating visually compelling and user-friendly websites, and known for a keen eye for detail and aesthetic precision.



Senior Developer

With over 20 years experience of coding and design he is as equally creative as he is educated to be able to manipulate all things digital into art. An original founding member and project leader for the team he pushes the boundaries of the technical realm.